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Being Vegan in Durango

People generally think that being a vegan or vegetarian is a difficult task. I’m often asked things like, “How do you get your protein?” or “Don’t you miss eating good food?” or “Do you only eat salad?”, which only illustrates how many misconceptions there are about a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. However, I won’t be addressing those questions in this post, but will merely be talking about being a vegan in Durango and how easy it really is to do.

How many restaurants can you fit in a small town?

Last night I had the delight of enjoying sushi for an appetizer, pork BBQ sliders and Cajun fries for dinner, then frozen yogurt for desert. Let’s just say that there is nothing quite like the dining scene in Durango. For a small town, we have more restaurants than I have been able to sample in the three years that I have lived here, and I love it. It is common knowledge that Durango has more restaurants per capita than the city of San Francisco: that’s huge, especially when you are like me and love having a wide variety of places to eat when you dine out!

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