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How to choose a major that fits your life

As this is my second time in college, I feel that the years I have spent in school have indelibly taught me a few things, one of the most valuable being how to choose a major. While some students know from the time they are a small child that they’re going to own their own business or cure cancer, I was not one of those children. At five I wanted to be a garbage collector; at eight, a flight attendant; and at ten, a professional soccer player. I am now twenty-nine years old, have never worked in these industries, and can safely say I never will.

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More than just a minor: The Honors Program

When I arrived at Fort Lewis College in the fall of 2011, I was sure about majoring in psychology, but I had next to no idea what I wanted to minor in. There were so many options; how could I possibly limit myself to a mere one or two minors? I decided to take a class in the college’s honors program.