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More than just a minor: The Honors Program

When I arrived at Fort Lewis College in the fall of 2011, I was sure about majoring in psychology, but I had next to no idea what I wanted to minor in. There were so many options; how could I possibly limit myself to a mere one or two minors? I decided to take a class in the college’s honors program.

My personal journey

As a high school student from California, the idea that I’d end up attending a small college in the mountains seemed, for lack of a better word, insane. The plan was to attend a University of California school; I couldn’t have possibly foreseen the transformation that was soon to morph the very essence of who I am. I remember stumbling upon Fort Lewis College on the internet—the school seemed beautiful and friendly but a bit secluded and small, especially considering it wasn’t much larger than my high school.

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Hands-on learning: Psych style

When I thought about what my college classes would be like, I imagined big lecture halls with hundreds of students and monotone teachers endlessly preaching from the front of the classroom. So, needless to say, when I sat down for my first class at the Fort I was pleasantly surprised. The average class size at Fort Lewis is 23 students. Having classes this small really allows for a more intimate and interactive learning experience. I am not just a number on a roster amongst hundreds of other nameless students.

The awesome experience of being a TA

One of the best things about Fort Lewis is the relationships that you are able to build with the professors. In my 3 years at The Fort, I have not yet had a professor that didn’t at least learn my name, and most actually spent the time to get to know me. Knowing my professors on a more personal level just makes the whole college experience more enjoyable.