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Me gusta bailar

The September sun was glaring in my face, but I did not find it as intimidating as I had four years ago. I walked out with our group composed of old and new members for the Yucatan dance we had been rehearsing for a month. With each bittersweet step at my last Fiesta on the Mesa, I realized that I’d grown immensely in confidence from the “freshman who could not dance” who decided to try something new in college.

Para ir de acampar

I looked down at the assignment handout: “Teach the class how to do something, speaking only in Español…be creative!” Hmmm, what to do? I turned to my friend Nikki to brainstorm…

A week later we had our script in hand. Our backpacks, tent, water bottles, Cliff bars, camping cook kit, flashlights, raingear, topographic map and first aid kit spread across a table as we prepared to film our video, “Para ir de acampar” (“How to go camping”).  We had decided on a common passion that we shared, backpacking, and had chosen to teach our Spanish II class how to go about this activity.

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