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Service with the Environmental Center

One of the most rewarding experiences for me here at Fort Lewis College has been getting involved with the Environmental Center on campus.  As a freshman, I was very nervous about making new friends and finding a place where I could connect with like- minded students.  Yet the moment I walked through the doors and into the sunlit cluster of bulletin boards, plants and comfy chairs, I felt instantly at home. 

Sustainability at FLC

Fort Lewis College has a passion for sustainability. From the time I took my first tour of Fort Lewis, more than four years ago, I have been impressed by how much students and teachers care about sustainability. I was lucky enough to qualify for a work-study position so I immediately went to the Environmental Center and applied for a job. I was so happy to get a position on the local food team where I got to both learn about the local food movement in Durango and do my part to promote local food.