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Dear Fort Lewis College:

Since I was a young girl, my North Carolinan parents have reinforced the importance of writing thank you notes. With graduation next month, I am compiling letters for individuals who supported me at the college. However, I realize that it was not individuals who enabled my personal growth, but the entire Fort Lewis College Community.

Going beyond the classroom

I have had a lot of amazing opportunities at Fort Lewis College to explore my field of study beyond the classroom. I am an English Communication Major and throughout my time on the campus news magazine The Independent, I have moved through various positions. I started as a Print Reporter and I transitioned to become Online Manager and now for a year and a half I have been Editor in Chief. For three consecutive years I have participated in the Associate Collegiate Press (ACP) Convention; a journalism convention that is held in different cities every year.

A long way from home

We were only two weeks away from spring break and I was already getting ready to be home for a week in my hometown of Glenwood Springs. Every year since I had arrived at Fort Lewis, the tradition was for me to return home for all of the breaks; I really treasured that time with my family since I was now living away from them for eight months. Unlike many of my other friends, I had never considered any other alternative for spring break but that changed last year in March of 2013 when my roommate, Hana, offered an interesting proposition.

Ke rata Africa thata

The school year is beginning and I am excited to see my professors and classmates again. It is hard to believe that it has been almost a year since I saw them. They appear happy to see me also and the question, “How was Africa?” has come up several times. I sincerely appreciate the interest but I still have not found an adequate way to articulate the incredible experiences that composed my semester abroad in Botswana.

My study abroad experience

While applying for college, one of the main things I looked for was a good study abroad program. Fort Lewis College has an incredible one! With a variety of ways and many different countries, and a lot of help, I knew that I was going to be in good hands when preparing for my study abroad.  In the fall of 2011 I studied abroad in Stirling, Scotland. I chose to go through a company called “Eurolearn”, and they helped me with everything from sending in my application, to receiving my acceptance letter, to transferring my credits back to FLC.

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