Common Reading Experience

About the Common Reading Experience

The Common Reading Experience invites Fort Lewis College students, faculty, staff and community members to share a common intellectual experience by reading one book. First year students will be given the book at orientation and several freshmen and other classes will explore themes from the text. Numerous co-curricular events are scheduled throughout the fall. Discussion groups, lectures, films and other activities tied to the book's themes will help foster a community of readers.

Campus Reading Board members:

  • Cynthia Dott, Biology (Committee Chair)
  • Kimberlie Bugbee, Library
  • Nancy Cardona, English
  • Bridget Irish, Asst. Dean AHSS
  • Eric Juergensmeyer, Writing Program
  • Mark Mastalski, Leadership Center
  • Felicia Meyer, Theater/Writing Program
  • Nancy Stoffer, Diversity Coordinator