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Colorado Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Exams

Get your CDLThe Office of Continuing Education at Fort Lewis College is a Colorado State Certified Third-party Testing Unit for Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Compliance. The three skills tests on the CDL exam are conducted as outlined in Sections 11, 12 and 13 of the Colorado CDL Manual. Please review this information prior to showing up for your exam. Safety issues have resulted in strict testing guidelines, and failure will require a new test with payment..

Please note: our exams are a CDL driving exam for licensure; we are not a trucking school and all applicants must provide their own vehicle for testing. Adding an endorsement or removing an air brake restriction requires a full exam. Once you pass your exam, you must present your completion form to the Division of Motor Vehicles within 60 days or you will have to repeat your exam at full cost.

Step One - Schedule Your Exam

To schedule a CDL exam, please call our examiner and make an appointment. It is best to schedule your exam at least one week in advance. The test takes two to three hours and you must bring your own vehicle. Vehicles are not provided by the examiners.

If you fail a test and would like to schedule a re-test, you must wait a minimum of 72 hours.

FLC Continuing Education: CDL Examiner

Shelley Hannon, Durango
Shelley administers Class A, B, and C exams and endorsements
Phone: (970) 799-2773


Step Two - Pay the Testing Fee

Payment is due prior to taking all tests.


  • $225 for Full Test (Class A, B, and C) or to add endorsements or remove an air brake restriction;
  • $100 for Nonprofits (employee or volunteer driver) or to add endorsements or remove an air brake restriction;
  • $50 -- $225 for a re-test depending upon how much time it takes.

Payment Options:

  • Checks: make payable to “Fort Lewis College” and bring it to the test;
  • Online/Credit Card: click here to go to our secure online store; bring a printed copy of the email confirmation of payment to your test;
  • Cash: bring the exact amount (testers do not carry change).