Faculty Lead:  Tim Thomas ♦ (970) 247-6322 ♦ Pine Hall 30B

Program Dates (Summer Session I):  April 29 - May 31, 2013 
                             On-campus coursework and some field 
                             instruction will be held April 29 - May 6.

Mandatory Meeting @ Pine Hall
Wed., March 27, 6:30 p.m.

Travel Dates:  May 7 or 8 - May 26, 2013

NOTE: If you missed the "Healthy Traveler" program meeting with FLC's travel nurse on Feb. 8, you need to immediately schedule an appointment with FLC Health Center or other healthcare provider/travel nurse such as San Juan Basin Health Dept.

IMPORTANT Student Handouts:  

  1. For the complete Course Description (objectives, methods, requirements), Grading, and Cost go here.
  2. For Class Schedule, Travel Itinerary and Packing Checklist go here.
  3. Instructions and Criteria for Final Paper and Required Daily Field Journal Entry Form are available here.

While no prior mountaineering experience is needed, students must be in good health and capable of undertaking a rigorous physical trek and climb at altitudes ranging from 10,000 - 20,000 feet.

High altitude mountaineering and physiology are inexorably linked in the pursuit of ascending and surviving at altitudes above 10,000 feet. This program is designed to introduce newcomers to high altitude mountaineering skills and techniques and will also hone the skills of those with prior mountaineering experience. Students will learn not only the physiological basis of acclimatization and the methods used to enhance it, but will also follow a progression of skills and fitness training culminating in the ascent of a 20,000 foot peak.

Nepal's rich cultural history will be explored during visits to Buddhist temples in Kathmandu and along the trekking route and through interaction with the support staff of local guides and Nepalese sherpas.

Major Learning Objectives:

  • Travel in rope teams on glaciated terrain
  • Apply technical climbing and mountaineering skills
    (self arrest, knots, belaying, etc.)
  • Understand and follow Risk Management and Safety procedures

Courses (4 credits total, no prerequisite):
AE 360 Special Topics in Adventure Education: Skills (3 credits)
PE 1430 Day Hiking (1 credit)

Grand Total (best faith estimate):  $4,865*

Grand Total Includes all air and ground transportation, lodging, guide services, cultural site entry fees, tuition, meals, entry/exit visa, travel insurance, porter tips.

   *  Native Tuition Waiver applies for qualified students; $540 tuition
       will be waived making the total cost $4,325

  Payment Schedule:  

January 18, 2013:  $600 Deposit Deadline - Nonrefundable after this date unless someone else can fill your spot **

January 31, 2013: $1,400 Fixed Costs Payment Due to FLC Cashier
                                  To book airfare

February 22, 2013:  $2,590*** Fixed Costs Due to FLC Cashier

   ** In the event that you withdraw after paying the deposit, the
        first person on the waitlist will be offered the opportunity to
        fill the vacancy. If no one on the waitlist can fill the vacancy, the 
        withdrawn student must to find someone to take their place in 
        order for any refund to be considered.

   *** Native Tuition Waiver Students owe $2,050 

The remaining $275 (included in the estimated Grand Total) will be paid "out of pocket" by students. This will cover entry/exit visa, some meals, travel insurance, and porter tips.

Other potential costs:  passport, immunization, and souvenirs.