Cooperative Education Program

Welcome to the Cooperative Education Program

Cooperative Education has been offered to students since the mid 1970’s.  In 2005 the program was up-dated to provide a top quality experience for students and employers. The Cooperative Education Program (co-op) offers opportunities for students to apply the skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to work settings.  Students are highly encouraged to integrate a Cooperative Education experience into their academic plan.

Co-op also provides a means for students to earn upper-division elective credit while gaining valuable work experience.  Applying classroom learning to a work setting allows students to develop their knowledge and skills, and assists them in academic and career decision making and planning.  It also helps students gain an advantage in their job search as they graduate, because they are able to describe how they set and met job-related goals and objectives.

The Co-op Program is open to students in any major who are in good academic standing.  Ideally, students participate in cooperative education during their junior and/or senior years.  Enrollment in co-op can be part-time (1-11 credits) or full-time (12 credits).  Co-operative education is offered both fall and winter semesters, as well as during the summer. It is possible to earn one academic credit for each 50 hours worked, and be at least 12 to 15 weeks in length no matter the number of credits.

Obtaining relevant work experience while enrolled in college is one of the best things a student can do to prepare for the future career.  Students will gain practical experience, develop technical skills, and gain insights on potential career fields.  All of this knowledge will help students make informed decisions as they enter the working world.  Information can be obtained at the links provided below.

Students   Faculty Employers

Here’s what FLC students have said about their Cooperative Education Experiences:

The instructor “Really got to know my personal situation and provided excellent tips, questions, and comments about my experience.  Very detailed and personal…that’s important!”

The course “Allowed me to evaluate myself as well as my employer and the knowledge I gained from the experience.”

The course also “Helped bring my work back into my schooling.  It kept me up-to-date in applying the classroom lectures and projects with my ‘real world’ experience.”

“Wow! There is no better way to get meaningful college credit!”