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Visiting the Mountains

When visiting the mountains people are often caught off-guard because they do not anticipate the possibility of quick changes in the weather, encounters with wildlife, and how their bodies might respond to the altitude and dry conditions. Here are a few ideas to keep in mind during your visit to Durango:

Adjust to the Altitude

Acclimate yourself and drink plenty of water -Durango is situated at 6,512 feet above sea level. If you are coming from a lower elevation, you might feel a little lightheaded and even nauseous during the beginning of your visit. Take it easy, give yourself time to adjust, and drink lots of water!

Durango Weather

Wear sunscreen - Durango averages 300 days of sunshine per year! Add together the many days of sunshine with Durango’s high altitude (6,512 feet) and unpredictable weather, and you may well get a sunburn in the middle of winter or a snowstorm in June! You don’t want to forget the following suggestions to make your Durango vacation comfortable: sunscreen, plenty of water, layered clothing and sunglasses. Be aware of current Durango weather and plan appropriately.


Do not approach or feed the wildlife - Although they may seem approachable, the wildlife you may encounter while enjoying the outdoors in Durango are wild animals. Keep your distance, never approach a wild animal, and never feed wildlife.

Drive Safe – Be aware that wildlife is everywhere. It is possible that you will not only run into wildlife in the San Juan National Forest, but also within Durango city limits where herds of deer and elk are often spotted wandering through neighborhoods and on golf courses. Deer and elk can be seen at any time of day but they are more active in town between dawn and dusk. Please take extra caution while driving during these times.  It is important to remember that when one crosses the road, more are likely to follow.

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