Counseling Center

Services Offered

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Counseling Center staff offer the following services to FLC students:

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a collaborative process in which a unique, confidential helping relationship is developed between a counselor and a student in order to explore feelings and behaviors, and to resolve personal problems and issues in accordance to the needs of the student. Some of the issues often addressed in individual counseling include (but are not limited to) stress, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, identity issues (cultural, religious, sexual orientation, etc.), body image, eating disorders, relationships with others, loneliness, physical or emotional abuse (past or present), changes in functioning, and irritability. Students taking eight credits or more are entitled to have an intake and four free counseling sessions. Students who need therapy beyond the free sessions may pay a $35 fee.

Group Counseling

Group therapy consists of approximately 6-10 individuals meeting face-to-face with one or more trained group therapists. Members give feedback to each other based on expressing their own feelings about what someone says, or does. It is a safe environment in which members work to establish a level of trust that allows them to talk openly from personal experience, and to try out new ways of behaving. The FLC Counseling Center provides various therapy and support groups each semester based on the belief that individuals with similar difficulties can share concerns and be supportive of each other; this support often facilitates change. Typical groups offered include dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) group, social confidence group, men's group, and dream group. There is a $70 charge per semester for any group.

Confidential Sexual Assault Services

Behavioral Assessment

This is a process of helping students to identify addictive problems, and assessing these in order to recommend additional counseling, education or a referral to other professional sources in the community. Students who identify themselves as having issues with substance abuse and who, separate from the disciplinary process, voluntarily enter counseling are charged according to the procedures for individual therapy. There is a $140 charge for an assessment that is automatically charged for a student required by the Disciplinary Hearing Office or a Housing Official to complete the assessment.


Consultation is a process of discussing situations with FLC faculty, staff, and parents who can help identify specific problems with students. Student confidentiality is protected. Your counselor can answer specific questions you may have about this.

Psychiatric Consultation

A consulting psychiatrist is available to serve students in conjunction with counseling services.  Psychiatric services are available by referral only. The decision on who qualifies to see the psychiatrist (who is only here about every third week) is based on the most pressing need; the final decision is made by the Director (or Associate Director in case of Director’s absence).

Medical Mental Health Evaluation and Management

Medical management is offered at the Counseling Center once per week.  Counselors may refer clients for discussion and recommendations for medication, supplements, or diet to assist with mood regulation, sleep and anxiety.  Copies of these medical records will be kept in both the Counseling Center and the Health Center.  Medical consultations are not included in a students four free sessions and the charge will be applied to the client's student bill.

For cost of Medication Evaluation and Management and Psychiatric Consultation see; Fees and Billing section of the Staff and Credentials & Services offered sheet, given to each client on their first visit.

The Counseling Center can also make referrals to off campus resources and provides mental health outreach on campus and in the community.