Counseling Center

Colin Smith

Colin Smith

Retired Training Director
Counselor, L.P.C.
M.A. Counseling

I have been at the Counseling Center since 1989. Before that, I worked as the Community Counselor and Head of Psychology/Philosophy/Religion at Colorado Timberline Academy. My M.A. in Counseling is from Adams State College and I was licensed as a Professional Counselor in 1992. Over the years, I have taught many courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

My position at the Counseling Center involves individual and group counseling, clinical supervision, and training. As a counselor, I have worked to de-stigmatize therapy and see most problems as an opportunity to grow. I believe the therapeutic relationship is the healing factor, and so work to be both transparent and real, yet professional. I am probably more didactic than most counselors; I was a teacher for too long.

Although I consider my clinical approach to be extremely eclectic, I do have a strong Jungian background. The groups I lead are mostly centered around dreams. For me, they have been the ideal means to reach my therapeutic goal, which can be most broadly stated as individuation. I have done these groups for over twenty years with college students, adolescents, adults, therapists and terminally ill patients.

I am married to a wonderful Japanese woman, Chyako Hashimoto, who is a ceramic artist.