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Molly Ahern
Molly Ahern

Counselor, L.P.C.
M.A. Counseling

I am a licensed professional counselor. I graduated with a Master's degree in Professional Counseling in 2014 after doing a two-year internship here in our training program. I am happy to say I am home grown!

My path has been somewhat circuitous. I started out majoring in psychology, but veered off that course for a time during which I studied a variety of subjects including language and religion and spent time raising my two babies. Eventually my passion to become a counselor could no longer be suppressed and the doors necessary to make that happen opened.

Hearing people's stories is what I truly love to do. That is why I became a counselor. That is what I would want to spend my time doing even if it wasn't my career. Human beings are complex, that is true. And we are beautiful in endless ways, good when all is stripped away, and valuable beyond anything else in all of creation. To know and be known is one of the sweetest experiences of life. Along with being loved and securely belonging to other human beings.

I hope my work gives these kind of gifts. To spend my life being poured out in this way is the highest honor and most satisfying pursuit I can imagine. Mark Twain said, "The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." I believe this is part of why I am here on this earth. My work is my calling. It is my passion. What I do is who I am. I am so grateful to get to do this work.