Disability Services

Instructor Responsibilities and Rights 

Instructors play a vital role in the success of students with disabilities; therefore part of the role of Disability Services is to support instructors as well as students. 

Responsibilities of the Instructor 

  • When a student give you a Letter of Accommodation, you are responsible for providing the listed accommodations. 
  • Please include the following statement in your syllabus: "Fort Lewis College is committed to providing all students a liberal arts education through a personalized learning environment. If you have a documented disability which will need reasonable academic accommodations, please call Dian Jenkins, Director of Disability Services, 280 Noble Hall, (970) 247-7459, for an appointment as soon as possible."
  • It is not appropriate to harshly grade students with disabilities. The use of accommodations allows them to demonstrate their abilities, not their disabilities.
  • Refrain from discussing a student's disability and necessary accommodations in the vicinity of fellow students or others who have no educational “need to know.” Students have a right to privacy in disability-related matters and confidentiality must be maintained. 
  • Some students may utilize the Testing Center as part of their academic accommodations. 

Instructor Rights

  • You are not required to alter the curriculum and/or give passing grades to students who failed to demonstrate the required level of understanding or performance competency. 
  • You have the right to hold students with disabilities to the same standards as students without disabilities. 
  • You have the right to ask for clarification or support from Disability Services as necessary. 


Contact Us

Phone: (970) 247-7383
Email: akhosey@fortlewis.edu
Fax: (970) 247-7070
Physical Location: 280 Noble 

Dian Jenkins‚Äč
(970) 247-7459 

Student Service Specialist 
Scott Hedlund
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Student Service Specialist
Anne Hosey
(970) 247-7383

Testing Center Coordinator
Marci Miller
(970) 382-6938 (email preferred)