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9/29/2016 4:30 PM Salsa Dance Lesson and Special Presentation

Fiesta on the Mesa wins local award!

El Centro De Muchos Colores, the multi-cultural resource center at Fort Lewis, would like to thank the San Juan Basin Health Department for the award they received for their Fiesta on the Mesa event.

This award, the Seal of Approval for SAFE and HEALTHY COMMUNITY EVENT for La Plata County Children, Youth and Families” is given to an event in the area which is alcohol free and family friendly. This event, which celebrates Mexican Independence day and Hispanic Heritage month, was awarded this Seal of Approval due to the events lack of alcohol and the family friendly attitude. A piñata and children’s craft table was available as well as dancing and live music and more than 850 people ate dinner and  a couple hundred more celebrated the free entertainment outdoors.

The award will be given in a short ceremony at a Salsa Dancing workshop in El Centro on September 29th at 4:30 pm and all are welcome to stay for the Salsa Dance lesson that follows. Both El Centro de Muchos Colores and Club Del Centro would like to say “muchas gracias!” to San Juan Basin Health Department and Celebrating Healthy Communities for this honor.


For questions and more information call (970) 247-7654 or email: long_s@fortlewis.edu ; online: www.fortlewis.edu/elcentro

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