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The Real History of the Americas '13

What is The Real History of Americas Event?

The Real History of the Americas at FLC takes a different look at the Western world

The real history of the americas


A collaborative group of Fort Lewis College cultural centers, students and staff proudly presents the 7th annual “Real History of the Americas” program on Columbus Day 2014. This unique program runs from noon to 8:30 p.m., Monday, October 13, at FLC’s Student Union Outdoor ballroom. A culminating evening show will be at the Vallecito Room beginning at 6:30 p.m. The public is welcome anytime.

The Real History of the Americas takes a positive, but different look at the history of North and South America from the viewpoints of Hispanic, African-American, Asian, and Native peoples, among others. Featured artists include World Slam Poetry Champions Sister Outsider and MTV artist of the week Supaman performing at 1:50 for a preview show and again at 6:30 p.m.

The all-day long event offers workshops, inspirational identity activities, open mic sessions, poetry, a workshop about the real history of the LGBTQ community members, live dance performances by FLC’s Dine Club, Ballet Folklorico, Bala Sinem Native American choir as well as local Ignacio High School drumming group, and much more.

For a full calendar of events, please visit the Real History of the Americas tab at: www.fortlewis.edu/elcentro, or call El Centro de Muchos Colores Hispano Resource Center at (970) 247-7654.

Real History of the Americas was created by Native American students on campus to empower and share a variety of Real Histories of the Americas on the day that is also known as Columbus Day or the Day of the Race in the United States. This year, FLC student leaders and juniors Mariah Gachupin and Danielle Lucero have co-coordinated this entire event with help from dozens of student clubs, volunteers and FLC staff members. College sponsors include: Club del Centro & El Centro, Common Ground Diversity Programming, Student Union Productions (SUP), Native American Center, and the Center of Southwest Studies.

For more information about why we celebrate this Real History of the Americas, please see this interview on Democracy Now! When Amy Goodman interview some of our key founders of the event: http://www.democracynow.org/shows/2012/10/8.

About our Entertainers & Special Guests:

Sisters Outsiders: Dominique Christina and Denice Frohman are Sister Outsider. This duo represents two of the top three female slam poets in the world. Their tour marks the first time two Women of the World Poetry Slam Champions have paired up. Dominique Christina is a writer, performer, educator, and activist. She holds five national titles in the four years she has been competing in slam, including the 2014 & 2012 Women of the World Slam Champion and 2011 National Poetry Slam Champion. She is presently the only person to have held two national titles at one time and the only person to have won two Women of the World Poetry Championships. Denice Frohman is an award-winning poet, lyricist, and educator, whose multi-cultural upbringing inspires her to explore the intersections of race, gender, sexuality, and the "in-between-ness" that exists in us all. She is the 2013 Women of the World Poetry Slam Champion, a 2012 Leeway Transformation Award recipient, and 2013 Hispanic Choice Award winner. Her work has been commissioned by Philadelphia’s citywide “UnLitter Us” Campaign, GALAEI (Gay and Lesbian Latino Aids Education Initiative), and has appeared in the Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Advocate and literary publications such as The Apiary and Alight. Her poem "Dear Straight People" went viral after being featured on Upworthy, and has over 700,000 views on Youtube.

Dominique Christina:



Denice Frohman:



Supaman: As a member of the “Apsaalooke Nation”, Supaman makes his home on the Crow reservation in Montana. The name “Supaman” hardly describes the person who Is Christian Takes Gun Parrish, a humble Native American dancer and hip hop artist who has dedicated his life to empowering youth and educating listeners with a message of hope through culture and music. In 2005 he won a (Nammy) The Native American Music Award for his group “Rezawrecktion” and has since released three self-produced projects which have all received national recognition and awards including the 2011 North American Indigenous Image Award for outstanding hip hop album! Christian’s presentation combines Native American culture, humor, and urban hip hop culture which dazzles audiences, captivates listeners and breaks down stereotypes.


About our Entertainers and Special Guests

Guest performers for this year include Sister Outsider Poetry and “SupaMan” – both incredibly talented acts with unique contributions toward a socially just society. Sister Outsider Poetry is an award-winning, nationally recognized spoken word duo comprised of Dominique Christina and Denice Frohman. They are poets, educators, activists, writers and performance artists, www.sisteroutsiderpoetry.com or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWL_aR1kFYc.


“SupaMan” is Christian Parrish, a champion powwow fancy dancer who identifies as Apsáalooke American Indian from the Crow Nation Reservation near Billings, Montana. In March, MTV named him Artist of the Week for his unique rap music featuring a traditional Native American drum loop. See his work at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0jq7jIa34Y or http://www.policymic.com/articles/86145/this-american-indian-rapper-just-became-mtv-s-artist-of-the-week.

When is the Real History of the Americas?

Real History of the Americas Schedule of Events:

Monday, Oct. 13, from noon to 9 p.m. at Fort Lewis College

Free & Open to the public all day in FLC Student Union

Ballroom, unless otherwise noted

Schedule of Events

10:30-11:30                          Common Ground Brunch (RSVP to  stoffer_n@fortlewis.edu)

12:00-12:05                          Opening Prayer

12:05-12:10                          “Amazing Grace” in English and Navajo performed by                                   Olivia Duncan

12:10-1:00                           “Indigenous worldviews through dance & living arts”           By Rulan Tangen

1:00-1:45 Workshop Set 1  Ballroom:

” I Am From Poems & This Is Us: A Community nPortrait”                                                       

 La Plata Room: “Reclaim Your Foods”                                                                           Colorado Room: “Playing ‘Indian’: Cul tured Appropriation & Commodification.”   

 “The real history of LGBTQ rights of America.” By Luke with PRISM

1:50-2:10 Preview show by Supaman & Sister’s Outsider

2:15-3:00 Workshop Set 2 (same as 1-1:45)

3:00-4:00 Sister Outsider “Speak and Speak Again” Workshop

4:15-5:00 Open Mic

5:00-6:15 Potluck/Music Showcase

5:00-5:05 Master of Ceremonies

5:05-5:10 National Anthem performed by Olivia Duncan in English  & Navajo

5:10          Open Doors for Food

5:15–5:30 Ribbon Dance – Diné Club

5:30-5:45 Bala Sinem Native American Choir

5:45-6:00 Ballet Folklorico & Matachines. El Centro

6:00-6:15 Round Dance – Kaylyn LeClaire with Wan Bli Ota

6:15-6:30 Conga Line to Vallecito Room

6:30 Sister Outsider LIVE PERFORMANCE! In Vallecito Room

7:30 Supaman LIVE PERFORMANCE! In Vallecito Room


A Special Thanks To...

El centrocode redclub del centro

Coordinators of 2014 Real History

Diversity Program  Nancy Stoffer
El Centro  Shirena Long
Student Union Programming Elizabeth Roberts

Department of Native American Indigenous Studies 

Dr. Majel Boxer
RHOA Co-Coordinator
Danielle Lucero
RHOA Co-Coordinator  Mariah Gachupin

RHOA Committee members

Ruthie Edd, Taryn Bargy, Samantha Garcia, Patrick Burtt, Mercedes Romero & Devin Muñoz