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The Real History of Americas

10th Annual Real History of the Americas
to celebrate
Indigenous Peoples’ Day at FLC

Monday, Oct. 9, 2017






The Real History of the Americas '13

A Special Thanks To...

Coordinators of 2017 Real History

Staff Members Nancy Stoffer, Shirena Long, and Joey Dell, Grace Chang,
Faculty Member Kay Holmes, Carolina Alonso

Colllege Sponsors

Club del Centro & El Centro, Common Ground Diversity Programming, Student Union Productions (SUP), Native American Center, Community Concert Hall, Modern Language Department, Office of the President,
RHOA Co-Coordinator

Stacy John

RHOA Co-Coordinator Ken

RHOA Committee members

Stacy John, Bryan Dalla-Cundiff, Deionna Vigil, Rhianon, Veronica Krupnick, Miranda,