El Centro de Muchos Colores

El Centro de Muchos Colores Staff

Shirena Trujillo Long Shirena Trujillo Long is a 2000 Fort Lewis College graduate who began working as coordinator for El Centro de Muchos Colores Hispano Resource Center in 2005. Shirena self identifies as Hispana or Chicana and is the product of a bi-cultural family with her Mexican-American father's roots centered in Chama, New Mexico, and her mother's German-Scottish roots from Indiana. She is a native of Utah and was raised in Farmington, N.M., before moving to Durango where she earned her bachelor's degree in English/Communications and Spanish in 2000. She is pursuing a master' degree in Educational Leadership from the University of New Mexico. Shirena is one of the key people responsible for establishing the Code Red Program at Fort Lewis College.
Adam Betancourt My name is Adam Betancourt, an Arizona native and a third year student at Fort Lewis College. I am studying Business Ad- ministration. My interests vary widely from loving to run trails in the mountains and traveling to enjoying a day at the mall or working on my always-broken Jeep. Here on campus I choose to focus more on being involved. I am an active member of Front Row Artistries, Club del Centro, New Student Orientation, Latino College Day and El Centro.
Manuel Chavarria My name is Manuel Chavarria I am a junior studying Exercise Science exercise physiology option with a minor in Inquiry of Rhetoric. I grew up in Cuauhtemoc Chihuahua, Mexico and moved to Leadville, CO when I was ten years old. I am a member of Club del Centro, National Society of Leadership and Success, and the John F. Reed Honors Program. My interests are soccer, baseball, fly fishing and fitness. My name is Sandra Chihuahua and I'm a sophomore in college. I'm Hispanic and I come from a small town called Lovington, NM. (Fun Fact: Brian Urlacher, from the Chicago Bears is from my town). Being a part of the Land of Enchantment gave me an opportunity to come to Colorful Colorado. My family and friends are my life. I love participating in sports. I was actually an XC member, a track and field girl, and a basketball player in high school. I love making new friends, so approach me and say hi! My hobbies include; dancing, singing, reading, writing, drawing, and listening to people talk. I want to pursue a career in the Criminal Justice Field. I also want to dual major in Math, and minor in Spanish. My life has never been based on "what ifs."
Hope Crespo My name is Hope Crespo, I was born and raised in Durango Colorado. I am currently a sophomore at Fort Lewis College studying Psychology and art. I want to receive my PHD in psychology, although I am not sure what career I want to pursue yet. On campus I am involved in STEM, Club del Centro, Ballet Folklorico de Fort Lewis College, and work study
Andrea Dalla I am Andrea Dalla, a 5th generation Durango native. I attended PCC for 2 years and now I am a junior here at FLC. Sociology is my major and psychology is my minor. I hope to be able to get my Masters in Social Work and then counsel juveniles and/or people re-integrating into society after being in prison. I have always been a single mother of two, Bryan who is 26 and Jessica who is 24. I enjoy volunteering for The Women’s Resource Center as well as other local organizations.
Nekai Eversole I’m Nekai Eversole, a Navajo-Apache Native American through my mother and of Scottish-Swiss descent from my father. I’m interested in all forms of sciences and am always questioning how the world could be better. My major is Environmental Biology, but I’m also fond of Geology, as one of my favorite past-times is exploring mountains and natural wonders, viewing the flora and fauna of this beautiful region.
Noah Garcia My name is Noah Garcia. I was born and raised in northern New Mexico near the banks of the Rio Grande. I am currently studying engineering here at Fort Lewis and have been fortunate enough to be a part of Village Aid Project-Engineers without Borders with whom I had the opportunity to translate for an engineering project in Ecuador over the summer; the experience changed my life. I love travel, tradition and hearing people’s stories.
Samantha Garcia My name is Samantha Garcia and I am a freshman at Fort Lewis. I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico but have always considered Colorado my second home. I love staying active and being in nature whether it be going on a hike or just lying in the grass reading a good book. I was drawn to El Centro because I love the multicultural environment that the El Centro provides for all students!
Cherine Gonzales I am Cherine Gonzales, a freshman at FLC. My hometowns include San Ildefonso Pueblo & Santa Fe, New Mexico. Aside from working at El Centro, I like to go running, play bass guitar, and take photos. I also like to write and spend time with my family and friends.
Sandra Loera I am Sandra Loera. I am a senior at Fort Lewis College pursuing a career in psychology, possibly with a focus on positive psychology. I am originally from Mexico. I came to the United States, specifically to Eagle, CO eight years ago and last year I moved to Durango. El Centro has given me the opportunity to be exposed to other cultures, to teach others about my own culture and let them know how proud I am of being Mexican.
Devin Muñoz Hello my name is Devin Muñoz I am a junior at Fort Lewis College and was born in Denver Colorado and have lived there until I was 18 years old when I came down here for school. My father’s family originates from Mexico and my mother’s family originates from around the south of Colorado. I have no siblings and grew up not learning Spanish. I consider myself Hispanic because of my parents and family even though I have heard many people consider those who can’t speak Spanish, non-Hispanic. I am currently studying World History to become a teacher in high school. I have been to ten countries in my life and speak Japanese and a little Spanish. I was drawn to El Centro because I didn’t know much of my Hispanic heritage other than I knew I was considered one. I wanted to see and experience a culture that I had otherwise not known about.
Irene Ibeth Perez I am Irene Ibeth Perez, not a normal person nor will I ever be considered normal, but I am special. I do not believe in any human or dictionary definition of normal. I am weird in my own way, which I consider it a good thing. Even when I am with any of my best friends, they are just as weird in their own way with me and it is amazing. I am happy and I like to be positive about things. It gives me the energy needed to dance and teach Ballet Folklorico (Mexican Folkloric dance), work two jobs and be a hard worker just like my parents raised me to be. I am proud of who I am and I am grateful and appreciative of every opportunity I have. I hope to inspire others through my hard work and dedication to work and dance and be happy to do it.
Chandra Reed Chandra Reed is a non-traditional junior at the Fort. When she is not studying biology she is making delicious Mexican food in the kitchen at El Centro, or playing guitar in a punk band.
Kate Hi I'm Kate. I am a freshman here at FLC and was born and raised in Bernalillo, New Mexico. I love meeting new people and trying new things. Frito pie is my favorite food and I love the color red. Durango is my home away from home and I am so glad to be here. I love music and I love to dance. If you see me around campus don’t hesitate to say "HI!".
Crissy Hola! Me llamo Crissy. I am super excited to be a part of El Centro's student staff team this year. I am a 5th year senior in the Teacher Education department; I will be graduating in May with a license to teach elementary, as well as an endorsement to work with English Language Learners. I am originally from Arvada, Colorado, but I have lived in several locations throughout the Denver-metro area and in Aztec, New Mexico, which is where my fiancé, Eli, is from. I am enthusiastic to be a part of El Centro and learn more about the Hispanic culture through our clubs, events, and celebrations. I hope to meet new people and learn more about their stories during my time here.
Magaly Torres Hey there, my name is Magaly Torres I am a sophomore in the Athletic Training program, from the Chicagoland area. I am a certified Zumba instructor teaching at the Student Life Center and at El Centro. When I'm not busy working you can find me dancing, running, drawing, or cooking!
Tina Zuñiga My name is Tina Zuñiga and I am a sophomore this year at Fort Lewis. I am from Los Lunas, New Mexico and I identify as multi-cultural as I am both Hispana and white. I am double majoring in Sociology-Ethnic Studies and Spanish with a Pre-Law Minor. I became a work-study student and a member of Club Del Centro last year. I also got involved with the radio show Centrovision and am now the coordinator of the show. I love being involved at El Centro and am very grateful for all of the leadership opportunities I have received by working here. El Centro has been a great resource for me throughout the past two years. It is like a home away from home and I am fortunate to have found that here in Durango.