Shirena Trujillo Long Shirena Trujillo Long is a 2000 Fort Lewis College graduate who began working as coordinator for El Centro de Muchos Colores Hispano Resource Center in 2005. Shirena self identifies as Hispana or Chicana and is the product of a bi-cultural family with her Mexican-American father's roots centered in Chama, New Mexico, and her mother's German-Scottish roots from Indiana. She is a native of Utah and was raised in Farmington, N.M., before moving to Durango where she earned her bachelor's degree in English/Communications and Spanish in 2000. She is pursuing a master' degree in Educational Leadership from the University of New Mexico. Shirena is one of the key people responsible for establishing the Code Red Program at Fort Lewis College.
Adam Betancourt

Hello, my name is Amanda Riddick and I am a freshman studying Exercise Science. I graduated from a very small charter school called Early College of Arvada. I love traveling and learning about new cultures and their different ways of life. Therefore, with much work and effort, I had the opportunity to take two trips out of the United States. I enjoy going to concerts, I also like reading. I wanted to go to Fort Lewis College because of the environment. Not only does the campus have trials leading in and out, it also has small class sizes and the chance to really get to know the professors.

Manuel Chavarria

Hola, Ya’at’eeh…Hello Everybody. My name is Amoretta Pringle. I am Navajo and Tlingit. My home is Sunflower Butte, AZ. I am attending Fort Lewis College to earn my Bachelor degree in Accounting. My goal after graduation is to pass the CPA exam to become a certified public accountant. I have lived in Durango for ten years and I am a single parent. My goal in life is to work hard and provide for my children so that they will have the necessary means to pursue their dreams and goals. There is not a day that goes by without some challenge, but all in all it has been worth it. The one thing that I have learned as a student, sibling, friend, community member, and mother is that there is not one person not having trials in life and I have the ability to reach out a helping hand. Without being judgmental or critical but being sincere and thankful. At one time I was the one needing that helpful and sincere hand.  The many people I have met in Durango, whether it be just crossing paths or them becoming a part of my life have supported me and that, is what I am most thankful for. I’d just like to let you all know, whatever your dream is, whatever you want to do in life it is possible…so keep moving forward and shine!!!

Hope Crespo

Hi! I am Maram Ashe Alawi (Marh-rohm Auh-shay ah-lah-wii) and I am a super senior this year at FLC! It’s my first year as a work-study student at El Centro, but I had often visited in the past and attended numerous events hosted by El Centro. I am actively involved and loosely affiliated with a number of organizations on campus and in town, so it really is me you're seeing zooming by. Please don't be shy and ask me how you can get involved! El Centro is a wonderful resource center where we can meet and narrow down your passions. I am looking forward to an awesome year at El Centro and FLC!

Andrea Dalla

I am Andrea Dalla, a 5th generation Durango native.  I am now a senior at FLC and am a dual major in   Sociology and Psychology.  I hope to be able to counsel juveniles and/or people re-integrating into society after being in prison.  I am a single mother of two grown children who are both amazing individuals.  I very much enjoy my internship with Judge Martha Minot at La Plata County Court.

My name is Catie Welch and I am a sophomore here at Fort Lewis College. As of right now my major is undeclared but I am leaning towards journalism with a minor in art. I am from Bellingham, Washington but have now fallen in love with Durango. I feel very fortunate to have spent my time in two wonderfully beautiful places! I love to spend time outdoors, hiking, camping, and gardening. I also love to experiment with art. I am super excited to be a part of El Centro and to see what the year brings.

Noah Garcia

My name is Noah Garcia I was born in Northern New Mexico. I am a senior studying Engineering with a Spanish minor. I am highly involved with Village Aid Project-Engineers without Borders and I cherish my time traveling and speaking Spanish while on projects with other FLC students in Nicaragua. I enjoy working as a tutor in El Centro and as a student ambassador with the admissions office.​

Hi, my name is Deryk Trujillo! It’s my first year here at El Centro and I love it here! I’m from Pueblo, CO. I’m a graphic design major and love to make art and listen to music! My favorite artist is Andy Goldsworthy and my favorite cereal is Reeses Puffs. I love to go snowboarding and hiking. My favorite color is Green. My favorite band is Aer and Atmosphere.

Hola! Me llamo Mercedes and I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the heart of the South Valley. My ancestors were among the first Spanish settlers to cross over to New Mexico from Spain. I have deep-seeded cultural ties to my Hispanic heritage, its history, and its people. I am a Junior this year at The Fort, majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology. I love going on adventures, bumping music, dancing to Shakira, doing yoga, and meeting new people so holla at your girl.

Hello my name is Stacy John; I am a returning staff member to El Centro de Muchos Colores.  I am currently a junior, double majoring in Sociology and Spanish.  I am originally from Arizona but have resided in Colorado for about seven years.  I identify as Diné and Dakota.  On my free time I like to hike, enjoy the outdoors and spend time with the people I love.

My name is Katherine Montoya and I am from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I am a sophomore here at the Fort as well as an RA (Resident Assistant) for West Hall and a dedicated member of TRIO. I am majoring in Sociology and Human Services and I am passionate about helping others and educating people about resources on campus. This is my first year working at El Centro and I am extremely excited to meet new people and learn new skills. Latino College Day is the reason why I decided to attend Fort Lewis College. It felt like home to me and everyone was very welcoming and friendly. That is why I am enthusiastic about helping plan Latino College Day this year. I know how important El Centro is to me and I want to make it that much more important to someone else.

I am Josephine Bachelder, I was born in Boulder, Colorado and raised in a small town called Erie only 20 minutes away from Boulder. I am a freshman at Fort Lewis College, aspiring to major in Organismal or Micro Biology with a minor in Chemistry, all in four years. While my major and minor are purely science, I love the outdoors and everything that comes with it, though mostly skiing. Along with binge watching Netflix and working at El Centro, I draw and sculpt when I can get my hands on the materials.

My name is Israel Aragon and I am from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am a junior studying Engineering. This is my second year at Fort Lewis College as well as working at El Centro. I love the Durango area and Fort Lewis College. Outside of school on my free time I like to play and watch soccer, listen to music, play video games, hang out with friends, and I love to travel. My family is from Mexico so I grew up with the Latin culture and I absolutely love it.


I am Kate Suazo, a junior here at the Fort. I am a psychology major, a common ground facilitator, a student ambassador, and the work-study student manager here at El Centro. Hailing from Bernalillo New Mexico, my favorite food is homemade by grandma tortillas. I love dancing in the rain, meeting new people, and going on adventures. My best friend is my mom, and I am not ashamed because my mom is the coolest. I love working at El Centro because it is my home away from home and the people rock. I hope to graduate next year and change the world.

HI! My name is Jasmin Gonzales and I am a junior at FLC. I identify as Native American as I was born and raised in San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM. I am currently majoring in Elementary Education but after I graduate I hope to pursue another degree in Special Education. This semester I am taking on the role of President for Club del Centro and I am very excited to see what this semester has for me. I love music (especially from the 40’s and 50’s) and I enjoy being friends. If you ever see me in El Centro don’t be afraid to say hi!

Magaly Torres Hey there, my name is Magaly Torres I am a sophomore in the Athletic Training program, from the Chicagoland area. I am a certified Zumba instructor teaching at the Student Life Center and at El Centro. When I'm not busy working you can find me dancing, running, drawing, or cooking!
Tina Zuñiga My name is Tina Zuñiga and I am a sophomore this year at Fort Lewis. I am from Los Lunas, New Mexico and I identify as multi-cultural as I am both Hispana and white. I am double majoring in Sociology-Ethnic Studies and Spanish with a Pre-Law Minor. I became a work-study student and a member of Club Del Centro last year. I also got involved with the radio show Centrovision and am now the coordinator of the show. I love being involved at El Centro and am very grateful for all of the leadership opportunities I have received by working here. El Centro has been a great resource for me throughout the past two years. It is like a home away from home and I am fortunate to have found that here in Durango.