Frequently Asked Questions

After reviewing the criteria for use of the Shared Cultural Kitchen, you may still have some questions. Please review the following FAQ’s below to see if your question is answered below.

How do I get my event sponsored by NAC and/or El Centro?

You must meet the kitchen criteria established by the Centers.

What if I just want to cook for personal use?

The kitchen is available for students who use the cultural centers to cook a meal for personal use only if the cultural kitchen is available and does not conflict with a scheduled NAC or El Centro-sponsored event.

How do I reserve the kitchen?

You must first meet the criteria established for use of the Cultural Kitchen, and then submit the online form to request a reservation for the times, dates you would like to reserve the space. You will receive a response within 48 hours, because of high usage, please book your reservations two weeks in advance.

Why can't I use the kitchen?

You may not be able to use the kitchen because it is already booked (we operate on a first-come, first-served basis); or because you do not meet the criteria for use. Criteria for use of the shared cultural kitchen is established to protect the designated commercial licensing of this unique space. In order to serve food for public consumption for NAC and El Centro-sponsored events, staff are trained in the FDA-approved National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe program. At least one student in the kitchen must have received a segment of this training in order to comply with safety standards for the license.

What other options do I have if my group or event doesn’t meet the criteria to use the Shared Kitchen?

If you live on campus, please check with your Housing Residence Director to find out if there is a kitchen available for your needs.

You may request a special exemption to the criteria for use of the shared kitchen by sending your specific exemption request to Directors of the Native American Center or El Centro.

You may consider a meaningful partnership with one of the NAC, El Centro-sponsored clubs in order to make the event meet the criteria for use. For example: the Environmental Center partners with Club del Centro to make homemade salsa and plan an event together.