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El Centro Events
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11/30/2018 6:00 PM Baila la Noche Away

Club del Centro will host this "Baila the Noche Away" bilingual Spanish Latino dance vent. The top prize for the last dancer standing is free burritos for the next semester! Everyone bring your favorite playlists and we'll share our musica and dance tonight! For more information, e-mail club President Alessandra Fernandez amfernandez@fortlewis.edu 

12/6/2018 5:00 PM Las Posadas

Las Posadas is the reenactment of the seach for shelter by Mary and Joseph ending with a traditional party at El Centro de Muchos Colores. There will be Tamales and other food, music and salsa dancing. Come Join!

12/7/2018 2:00 PM Cumbias and Descargas (Latin Music)

A student led group will be discussing Latino musical art forms, in English and Spanish, while learning musical vocabulary and playing with the band! We will discover what makes a cumbia a cumbia and some of the pieces that comprise some of our favorite Cuban descargas (improvised Latin music).  For more information contact Tom Willhoit at towillhoit@fortlewis.edu