El Centro de Muchos Colores

Nuestro Personal

Adam Betancourt My name is Adam Betancourt, an Arizona native and a third year student at Fort Lewis College. I am studying Business Ad- ministration. My interests vary widely from loving to run trails in the mountains and traveling to enjoying a day at the mall or working on my always-broken Jeep. Here on campus I choose to focus more on being involved. I am an active member of Front Row Artistries, Club del Centro, New Student Orientation, Latino College Day and El Centro.
Brian Bettini Albo Brian Bettini Albo is a local student born and raised in Durango, Colorado. Graduating in April with an International Business degree. Enjoys sports and favorite teams include FC Barcelona, Denver Nuggets, Kansas City Chiefs and the Spanish national soccer team. Also enjoys playing the flamen-co guitar, and learning new things.
Alex Blocker Alex Blocker was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago. He is a sophomore at Fort Lewis College and his major is music performance. Although he studies classical violin, he also has released two self made EP’s. He hopes to make a living performing his compositions live one day.
Guthrie Fox My name is Guthrie Fox and I am a senior at Fort Lewis this year. I am majoring in sociology and am glad to be almost done with school. Also right now I have a slight obsession with the show Archer.
Hope Crespo My name is Hope Crespo. I have lived in Durango Colorado all 19 years of my life. I was first introduced to El Centro when the new Ballet Folklorico dance group was made through El Centro. I was involved in the dance group for a few years, and now I am a work study stu-de here in El Centro. It is a fun place to be and do activities that the different groups put on.
Jessee Martinez My name is Jessee Martinez, I recently started interning here at El Centro for Shirena. I am from Pagosa Springs, Colorado and I am a junior here at Fort Lewis College. My major right now is communications and I hope to be graduating in April of 2014. I plan on trying to use Social Media as a job in the future because it is a very big industry with huge opportunities for communications majors when it comes to marketing and advertising. I have a little bit of a quiet personality at first because I am usually shy when I start somewhere new and don’t really know anybody. The few weeks that I have been here it’s been great because the people I’ve met are very welcoming and I’ve been glad to be here because of that.
Magaly Torres My name is Magaly Torres and my favorite language to speak is Spanglish. I was born in Chicago, Il where I lived for 8 years before moving on to a little town known as Mazon, Il. I am currently a freshman studying Athletic Training with plans to study Massage Therapy after. My favorite fruity candy is laffy taffy for the sole reason that I get to corny jokes to go with it. I love to laugh, dance, run, listen to music, draw, bake, and Skype my crazy family. I am 100% Mexicana and first language was Spanish.
Monica Maes I’m Monica Maes and I’m from Westminster, CO and that’s half an hour North of Denver for those who don’t know. I’m a freshman here at the Fort and my major as of now is Sociology-Criminology and I would like to have a minor in Native American and Indigenous Studies. One thing people don’t know about me is I have 14 piercings and plan to get more.
Tina Zuñiga My name is Tina Zuñiga and I am a sophomore this year at Fort Lewis. I am from Los Lunas, New Mexico and I identify as multi-cultural as I am both Hispana and white. I am double majoring in Sociology-Ethnic Studies and Spanish with a Pre-Law Minor. I became a work-study student and a member of Club Del Centro last year. I also got involved with the radio show Centrovision and am now the coordinator of the show. I love being involved at El Centro and am very grateful for all of the leadership opportunities I have received by working here. El Centro has been a great resource for me throughout the past two years. It is like a home away from home and I am fortunate to have found that here in Durango.
Valerie Carollo My name is Valerie Carollo, I am a freshman from Colorado Springs, pursuing a double major in Political Science and Spanish with a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies. Coming from a Latino back-ground, I was drawn to El Centro for its diversity of participants and numerous events that enabled me to not only explore my own heritage but to gain perspective through interacting with people whose stories differed from my own. I love hiking (especially with the Colorado trail minutes away) and reading classical literature, with the occasional nonfiction or modern novel in the mix.