Department of Physics & Engineering

Business Administration Major- Engineering Management Option

At Fort Lewis College, you can take the engineering route to a Business Administration degree. This program draws on the strengths of two strong academic areas. You'll develop a broad view of business principles while mastering the nuts and bolts of engineering.

In your first engineering classes, you'll design and build a project. And you can start your business classes as soon as you enroll. Unlike most other universities, there are no additional application procedures to enter our School of Business Administration.

Our computer drafting courses use the latest software on the fastest computers. You'll also take management information systems and physics for engineering alongside your financial and management classes. This includes your senior seminar and research courses.

By the time you graduate, you'll be able to solve complex problems in our increasingly technical world. You'll be ready for engineering-related jobs, while moving rapidly into a management position.

The Business Administration major with the engineering management option prepares students who can integrate management skills with engineering skills to solve complex problems in an increasingly technical world. It is designed to prepare students for entry-level engineering-related jobs and to be able to move rapidly into supervisory/management positions.