Department of Physics & Engineering

Physics Major - Engineering-Physics Option

Educational Objectives

The objectives of the Engineering Physics program leading to a Bachelor of Science degree from Fort Lewis College, a liberal arts educational environment with a distinctive and historic mission of serving Native American students, are:
  • Graduates have the fundamental technical skills and knowledge required for success in the engineering profession, or in graduate or professional study.
  • Graduates have the additional skills and knowledge necessary for success in a professional environment, including clarity in communication, ability to work on a team, an understanding of professional and ethical responsibilities, and recognition of the need for lifelong learning.
  • Graduates successfully pursue a broad range of career paths.
Engineering-Physics is the newest degree option available to Fort Lewis College students as part of the Physics major. The field of Engineering-Physics has been around for decades with over 30 accredited programs nationwide including programs at Cornell University, Colorado State University, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Colorado School of Mines, and many more.
Engineering-Physics (EP) is an interdisciplinary program that combines the studies of physics and engineering into a single curriculum. It meets the growing demand in industrial research and development for engineers well trained and educated in the basic sciences. Engineering-physics students complete engineering science and design courses typically found in other engineering programs, like mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering, while still maintaining the broad, fundamental, scientific background provided by physics. It provides a strong base for employment or graduate school in many fields of engineering including mechanical, electrical, civil, aerospace, environmental, automotive, industrial, biomedical, and others. Graduates of the program have the flexibility to adapt to tomorrow's demands for modern, interdisciplinary careers in a rapidly changing technological society.
Professional Advisory Board for Engineering-Physics
The Professional Advisory Board is a group of practicing and retired engineers who advise the Department of Physics and Engineering on curriculum and program content, helping to assure that students completing the Engineering Physics major are fully prepared for a wide variety of engineering careers or engineering graduate programs.
Board Objectives: Provide professional oversight for the Engineering-Physics program in the context of the needs and expectations of engineering and scientific industries. Specifically the board will: 1. Help establish and provide periodic review of the program objectives. 2. Provide ongoing input concerning the needs of industry and its relation to curriculum. 3. Assist in assessment of the program outcomes. Please contact the department chair for a list of current PAB members.