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A letter from recent FLC graduate Jay Jones bragging about his level of preparation for a Masters program:
Hi Dr. Crawford,
As you know, I completed the B.S. program in Engineering Physics at Fort Lewis College in Dec 2006. I immediately enrolled in the graduate Medical Physics program through the Nuclear Engineering department at UNM for the following semester. I would like to give some feedback about my preparation level for graduate courses.
The first tier of classes involved typical nuclear engineering subject matter such as radiation detection and measurement, interaction of radiation with matter, and internal and external radiation dosimetry. It wasn't until the last 1/4 of this semester that I saw new concepts I wasn't familiar with from my FLC education. For many students of similar physics and engineering backgrounds, a greater amount of these concepts weren't previously introduced. The following semesters involved courses in diagnostic imaging, radiotherapy, and nuclear medicine. In diagnostic imaging, current methods of 3-D reconstruction of several modalities depend heavily on Fourier Analysis which, again, I was familiar with from at least 2 of my undergraduate classes from FLC, and again, some students explained how these mathematical techniques were introduced, but only briefly.
While those are a few specific examples from my personal experience concerning preparedness for graduate-level learning in a physics related field, I am perpetually examining my understanding of physics and engineering in areas unrelated to my career and often find myself surprised at my ability to engage and contribute in discussions with satisfaction. I have many opportunities for further research and study with a rich background from FLC that may exceed what is available to others in related programs.
In closing, I would like to thank you and the faculty at FLC for a teacher-student relationship and curriculum that lead to the education that I value today.
James R. Jones, M.S.
Medical Physicist