Department of English - Careers in English, Journalism and Multimedia Studies

Careers in English & Communications
  • Creative director
  • Filmmaker
  • Publisher
  • Public relations specialist
  • Teacher

Many of our students go on to work in television, film, radio and newspaper industries. Others becom high school English teachers. Many others go on to graduate school in a variety of fields. One is a media analyst for Starz Network, another is a writer for Casey Kasem's American Top 40 and for Ryan Seacrest, another is a public relations officer for the Navajo Nation, another is interim news director at Four Corners Broadcasting, still another is an assistant engineer for Digital Domain Incorporated, and at least five of our graduates work for the Durango Herald.

We have alumni from our program currently doing graduate work at Eastern Carolina University, Vermont Law School, the University of Ohio, San Francsico State University, and Northern Arizona University- just to name a few.

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