Student holding banner

Our Mission

Strengthen students' commitment to creating a more environmentally and socially responsible world by providing them meaningful opportunities to foster change on campus and in our community.

About the Environmental Center

The EC fulfills our mission through four different dimensions of our work:

  • We run a team-based applied learning program that engages students to tackle environmental and social problems.
  • We advance campus and community sustainability efforts through coordination and collaboration.
  • We support academic pursuits related to environmental, social, and sustainability issues.
  • We maintain a network of connections between students, the FLC campus, and the community.

Our office has two professional staff members, but as a Student Sponsored Organization (SSO) we are a student-driven organization at heart. Every year, students brainstorm, plan, implement, maintain, evaluate, and improve dozens of projects and programs that create a more environmentally and socially responsible community.