Environmental Center

Board of Directors


The EC’s Board of Directors provides long-term vision for the center, builds community between the board, staff, and volunteers, organizes fundraisers, and works on improving the center’s work.  

The Environmental Center Board of Directors (ECBOD) is an advisory board comprised of community, faculty and staff members, in addition to student representatives. The ECBOD serves to provide the EC with long-term guidance and support. They do this through working on visioning, strategic planning, fundraising, and outreach. Board terms range from 1-3 years. With this commitment, members are signing on to attend 1.5 hour ECBOD monthly meetings during the school year, as well as, participate in at least one committee. Committees meet two times monthly for one hour and generate 1-3 hours of additional work. ECBOD members are also asked to help with fundraising efforts. Additionally, ECBOD members are more than welcome to join in any EC events, programs, and activities that are of interest to them. For all the details, read the latest version of the EC's bylaws.

2013-2014 EC Board Members

Student Representatives

  • Hari Baumbach (Chair)
  • Dylan Ruckel
  • Aleph Baumbach
  • Drew Walters
  • Michaela Steiner

Community Representatives

  • Dustin Stein
  • Dick Grossman
  • Erin Murphy

Faculty Representatives

  • Michelle Bonanno
  • Lauren Heerschap

Staff Representative

  • Julie Tapley-Booth

Ex-Officio Members

  • Rachel Landis, EC Interim Coordinator
  • Alex Brooks, EC Assistant Coordinator
  • Ashley Rennhack,  Assistant Director of Leadership Center
  • Scott Greenler, ASFLC representative