Our Values


Our core values identify what our board and staff believe stand at the center of our work.  They provide the foundation for everything we do and guide our interactions with each other, the rest of campus, and the community as a whole. Our core values are…

Positive Action – The EC believes that positive action is the path to change. The enormity of the challenges faced by our planet often lead to despair and apathy and working to create change can lead to guilt and defensiveness in others. While some say we’re all part of problem, the EC believes we can all be part of the solution. The EC works to inspire, activate, and empower. We encourage people to do what they can and provide ideas about how they can do a little more. The EC promotes the natural high that comes from taking positive action.

Integrity – The EC strives to apply our social and ecological awareness to every aspect of our lives. We understand the link between how we treat the planet and how we treat each other. A healthy environment starts with how we treat our bodies, how we spend our money, and how we live our lives, day-to-day. These decisions are personal and complex. We don’t judge others, but encourage awareness and support as we try to live balanced and healthy lives.

Connection – A community is all about connections – connections between individuals and connections between people and the other species with which we share the planet. We strive to always be aware of these connections and celebrate the relationships that make life meaningful. As human beings we energize these connections with honest, straightforward, and compassionate communication with everyone we work with.

Creativity - Solving environmental problems requires thinking outside the box. The endemic lack of tiem and money necessary to bring forth a brighter tomorrow means we have to be creative. One of the most wonderous creation in the natural world is the human imagination. Only by unleashing this imagination will we be able to discvoer answers and only by being open to chage are we able to build upon our success. Creative expression itself is an inherently revolutionary act. 

Discovery – The EC is a place for discovery. We learn facts, we gain skills, we nurture and test values and philosophies. Most importantly, we learn about ourselves so that we can be more effective leaders and more grounded human beings. We apply this ethic of education to our work and constantly strive to learn from our experience improve the EC for those who come after us.