Environmental Center - Vision and Goals

How does the Environmental Center support Fort Lewis College’ 2006-2011 Strategic Plan? Here’s how…

Student success is at the center of all College endeavors – Students come first at the EC.  The Environmental Center provides personal and academic support for students interested in environmental and social justice issues.  We help student discover their interests, pursue their passions, and make a difference on issues that matter to them.

Academic freedom is the foundation for learning and advancement of knowledge – The Environmental Center is open to everyone.  We encourage dialogue and teach respect for differences of opinion.  The EC pushes students to make sure their positions and opinions are based on the best available information and to understand the other side of any issue.

Diversity is a source of renewal and vitality – The Environmental Center recognizes the central role diversity plays in finding lasting solutions to environmental and social problems.  Through the LIFE program, SEEDS-Campus Ecology Club, and involvement with the La Plata Unity Coalition, the Environmental Center is actively working to build an inclusive, creative, and diverse network for change.

Informed and engaged citizens are essential to the creation of a civil and sustainable society – The EC provides opportunities for students take positive action through student jobs, internship, and volunteer opportunities.  Instead of taking positions on specific issues, we advocate for engagement in the political process and creative action based on sound information.

Service to Southwest Colorado and the Four Corners area, including access to the College, is a public trust – The Environmental Center provides information and assistance to individuals, organizations, and agencies throughout the region.  The center routinely co-sponsors educational events and facilitates the President’s Advisory Council on Environmental Affairs that tie efforts to green the FLC campus with pressing issues in the community.  

Connected knowing, independent learning, and collaborative learning are basic to being well educated – The EC supports interdisciplinary, community-based learning across the Fort Lewis curriculum with hands-on campus projects and partnerships with community groups.  The EC works closely with students and faculty participating in the Environmental Studies program that has connected and collaborative learning as a central goal.

Evaluation of all functions is necessary for improvement and continual renewal In addition to constantly improving what we do, the EC is spearheading Fort Lewis College’s first ever campus sustainability assessment that will provide baseline information on FLC’s current environmental performance. This data will help us understand the most important and cost-effective ways to increase the sustainability of our campus.


The EC has five goals that guide our work

  • Empower students – Become a nationally-recognized program for engaging and training student leaders addressing the most critical issues facing our world
  • Make sustainability a community effort Facilitate meaningful collaboration between individuals, groups, and organizations at Fort Lewis
  • Strengthen community-based learning and research Improve and increase community-based learning and research opportunities related to sustainability through effective communication, networking, and partnerships
  • Encourage innovation – Create a toolbox of techniques and strategies that foster innovative thinking
  • Integrate environmental and social justice issues – Implement projects and solutions that integrate ecological sustainability with social and economic justice