Environmental Center

Upcoming Events

New Student Orientation Creating Community Challenge and Student Services Fair

The Environmental Center is excited to be a part of New Student Orientation!

Environmental Center Creating Community Recycling Game

When: Friday, August 26 10:00 am - 12:00 noon

Where: Miller Quad

Come by and meet us during the Crating Community Challenge portion of your New Student Orientation. We will be hosting a recycling game and teaching those new to the FLC community about our Zero Waste Initiative. What could be so fun about recycling and waste management? Stop by and see!

Student Services Fair - Meet the Environmental Center

When: Friday, August 26 12:00 noon - 2:00 pm

Where: Student Union Quad

We'd love for you to come say hi to us at the Environmental Center's table. Meet Rachel & Marty, learn more about our mission, our program, upcoming events, and how to get involved with us!

Harvest while you Hoe-Down (For Incoming Freshman Only)

When: Saturday, August 27 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Where: Campus Garden

How to Sign-Up: Contact Rachel at rllandis@fortlewis.edu (Please note this is for incoming freshman only—if you aren’t that, get excited for many garden events soon to come!)

We welcome incoming Freshman to join us this Saturday to learn more about the EC and our Campus Garden Grown Program. Harvest veggies from the EC Campus Garden that will be served in our campus dining hall, pluck strawberries for a tasty snack, get your hands dirty and learn about ways to get involved with both the EC’s garden and myriad other projects. As an added bonus, you will be working with the EC’s two Local Food Fellows—a crew of amazing FLC students who are growing food, living the good life, and having a great time doing it. Be sure to sign-up in order to attend!


When: Tuesday, August 30 11:30 am - 2:00 pm

Where: Student Union Quad

Are you looking for a fresh outfit to usher in Fall? Need a blanket to stay warm as the mountain air begins to chill? Want some new-to-you plates and glasses for your apartment? PLUS do you want to conserve resources and save money all at the same time? Join the Environmental Center for annual Move-In Free-Store.