The Fort Lewis College Environmental Center, in partnership with the Water Justice Project and the Campus Sustainability Council, present the 2nd Annual Sustainability Summit.

This event will bring together students, faculty, staff, and the administration to learn about campus sustainability initiatives and inspire positive action. The creative celebration will showcase sustainability on the Fort Lewis College campus through art, dancing, an interactive game, speakers, booths, a local band, and free real food. Make a commitment to sustainability on the “Sustainabili-tree”, an art instillation hand-crafted by the Creative Commons out of recycled materials, watch robots that recycle, and take the virtual “closing the loop tour” of food’s journey on campus.

While participants enjoy a free local meal, five experts will share their stories about sustainability and how you can be involved, using the fast-paced 5x5 format. Speakers include:

  • LPEA Board Member Michael Rendon
  • Fort Lewis College Sociology Professor Rebecca Clausen
  • Local Farmer Linely Dixon
  • Coordinator for Great Old Broads for Wilderness Lauren Berutich
  • Fort Lewis College Water Justice Project Director Maram Ashe Alawi

Participants will wrap up the evening feeling inspired by sustainability and enjoying Durango’s local band, and Fort Lewis College alumni, Elder Grown!