Environmental Center

5th Annual Sustainability Summit!

Featuring Keynote Speaker, Sam Daley-Harris:

Are Silence & Shouting Our Only Two Options for Making Change?

FLC Sustainability Updates & Awards · Free ‘Real’ Dinner · Opportunity to Make a Difference

Tuesday, February 20th 5:30-8:30 - FLC Student Union Ballroom

In these wild times, what does sustainability look like for our social and environmental systems? The daily news can feel all doom and gloom: the environment is showing signs of distress, our communities are separating and segregating, and political institutions are marred by polarized partisanship paralysis. So, what can average citizens like us do to impact these seemingly insurmountable forces? And what are we doing here at FLC to help be part of the solutions? Join the Environmental Center and Keynote Speaker, Sam Daley-Harris for an empowering evening where we challenge you to step into the power you wield! We’ll provide education and strategies for ways to bold differences toward a more sustainable college, community, state, nation, and world.

The evening will also feature a sustainability primer for those new to the topic, updates on FLC’s sustainability progress, the first ever Sustainability Superhero awards ceremony (nomination form here), and opportunities to connect with community groups working on the front lines of change-making action. And, of course, FREE dinner featuring an all ‘Real’ menu.

Cost: Free!

About Sam Daley-Harris

Sam Daley-Harris founded the anti-poverty lobby RESULTS in 1980, co-founded the Microcredit Summit Campaign in 1995 and founded Civic Courage in 2012.  Civic Courage helps non-profits train their members to create champions in Congress and the media for their cause.  He coached Citizens Climate Lobby its first 7 years.  Daley-Harris is author of Reclaiming Our Democracy: Healing the Breakbetween People and Government,” about which President Jimmy Carter said, "[Daley-Harris] provides a road map for global involvement in planning a better future."  Ashoka founder Bill Drayton called Daley-Harris “one of the certified great social entrepreneurs of the last decades.”

About the Keynote

Are Shouting and Silence Our Only Two Options?

Protests and boycotts – we've all seen them before, and maybe even participated in them. But are there other ways for citizens to wield power in a democracy? David Bornstein wrote in the New York Times: “Interviewing RESULTS and Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) volunteers, I’m struck by how many have had the same experience: a kind of revelation at the power they wield as citizens.” Our speaker, Sam Daley-Harris, founded RESULTS and coached CCL for its first 7 years. He aims to provide Sustainability Summit attendees with that same experience, clarity on the power they wield as citizens. Come ready to be empowered!

Ski for the EC

Sunday, February 25 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. - Purgatory

The snow is comin' everyone, we can feel it! Join the EC for one of our favorite FUNdraisers! Ski, board, shred, and just have a grand old time with us. Participants are encouraged to raise funds through friends and family to "sponsor" for each lap. To sign up as a sponsored athelete, please fill out this form. Sponsorships and donations pledges can be submitted using this form.

Cost: No cost to participate, but donations will be gladly accepted!

For more information: contact Rachel Landis at rllandis@fortlewis.edu

More Upcoming Events

Sustainability Lunch and Learns

When: Professional Development Council (all staff & faculty): Wednesday, March 20 from 12 noon - 1 p.m.

Where: Student Union Senate Chambers (room 163)

These sessions will provide a brief overview of principles of sustainability and a review of some of the commitments and values we hold here at FLC. We’ll then take a deep and interactive dive into all the ways you can become sustainability super star on campus and in your home life. EC staff will answer all of those burning questions you’ve had: What is sustainability, really? How can I decrease my carbon footprint? Where can I have the biggest impact? Is aluminum foil actually recyclable?Lastly, we’ll brainstorm ways that you can step beyond just your own personal actions to help your department or program become a model of sustainability at FLC and in your community.

Cost: Free

For more information: contact Marty Pool at mlpool@fortlewis.edu 

Free Store

When: Thursdays from 1 - 2:30 p.m.

Where: Student Union Lobby (in front of the main Info Desk), our out in the Student Union Quad during nicer weather.

Need some new kitchen wares for your new apartment? Looking for a fresh outfit to usher in Fall? Maybe a slightly warmer coat? What about all those random odds and ends you forgot you needed? Come by the annual Fall Move-In Free Store to see what you can get! You'll save money AND conserve resources by reusing goods donated from the Residence Halls last year.

Cost: Nearly all items are Free! (hence the name). Some premium items may be auctioned and sold to help fundraising for the EC.