Environmental Center

Academic Opportunities at the EC

Internships and Co-op Credit

Students who are interested in pursuing environmental careers should consider an internship with the EC.  Internships are usually completed for course credit and involve a significant time commitment of 10-20 hours per week.  The EC coordinator will work with potential interns and their advisor to tailor an experience that meets the specific interests and needs of the student.  Credit for an internship is available through the sociology block program, the environmental studies program, and the Office of Cooperative Education.

Students also have the opportunity to earn upper-level elective credit for working for the Center or serving on its board of directors through Fort Lewis' Cooperative Education program.  Students must work 50 hours during a semester to receive each credit.  Students can earn up to four credits toward their Fort Lewis College degree.  Ask our coordinator about how to earn credit while working at the EC

Studying the Environment at Fort Lewis College

There are numerous ways to study the environment at Fort Lewis College.  

Fall of 2007 marked the beginning of the interdisciplinary Environmental Studies degree program at Fort Lewis College.

Other degree programs related to Environmental Studies include:

Environmental Policy Minor

Students interested in environmental science can choose to major in Environmental Biology or Environmental Geology.