Academic & Internship Opportunities


Students who are interested in pursuing environmental careers should consider applying for an internship with the EC! Interns receive personal guidance and mentorship from EC professional staff throughout the course of their work.

Most internships are tailored to qualify for academic credit. EC professional staff work with interns and their advising Faculty to tailor the project work and deliverables in order to meet necessary academic requirements. Academic credit for internships available through independent study as well as through the environmental studies program the sociology block program.

Difference between Interns and EC Student Team Members: Interns work in some similar capacities as our EC Team Members, but there can be some differences. As compared to our general Team Member positions, Intern positions:

  • are typically focused on a single pre-defined project (though not always)
  • can be more self-driven
  • may require a higher level of time commitment, typically 10-15 hours per week
  • have the potential to qualify for academic credit

Visit our Working at the EC page for more information on Team Member opportunities and other positions.

Current Internship Opportunities for Spring Semester 2019

  • Greenhouse and growing dome installation, planning, and implementation for the 2019 growing season. Works closely with the Local Food Security team and EC Assistant Coordinator.
  • Campus garden shed build-out and organization, maintenance and caretaking of Food Forest and garden equipment. Works closely with the Local Food Security team and EC Assistant Coordinator.
  • Develop systems and infrastructure for appropriate produce handling, from harvest to delivery. Works closely with the EC Assistant Coordinator and future Food Forest and Campus Garden stewards.
  • Plan and oversee the collection of reusable goods when students move out of the residence halls at the end of spring semester. Works closely with the Zero Waste team and EC Coordinator.
  • Support the advancement of renewable energy in our community through community partnerships and LPEA board of directors campaign work. Works closely with the Energy Impact team and the EC Coordinator.
  • Explore and plan for opportunities for expanding compost collection in the residence halls and throughout campus. Works closely with the Zero Waste team and EC Coordinator.

To Apply

If you are interested in one or more of the available internship projects listed above, please send an email addressed to both the EC Coordinator Marty Pool at and the EC Assistant Coordinator Sadie Magnifico at with the subject "Spring Internship"

Please list all the internship projects that interested you. Please also provide a description of your strengths and experience that would make you a good fit for your desired internship project(s).

Applied Research for the Environmental Center

The most effective change is that which is properly informed. Each year, the EC generates a list of research opportunities which would support our work immensely. The potential projects cover a wide variety of topics and require a broad range of research approaches. Research undertakings are ideally sponsored by a Faculty member who incorporates the work into a course. On occasion, the EC will allow individual students or student teams to take on research for thesis work.

List of Current Research Opportunities

Studying the Environment at Fort Lewis College

Fort Lewis College prides itself on its wide variety of environmental and sustainability learning opportunities. Please visit the following pages for more information on our current programs: