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Internships for Credit

Students who are interested in pursuing environmental careers should consider applying for an internship with the EC! Internships are usually completed for course credit and involve a significant time commitment, around 10-20 hours per week. Internships are project-based and provide students with professional and project management skills through professional mentorship and hands-on work on Environmental Center initiatives. EC staff work with interns and their advisors to tailor the project work and deliverables in order to meet necessary academic requirements. Credit for internships is currently available through the environmental studies program the sociology block program.

Current Internship Opportunities for Spring Semester 2018

For more information on these positions and instructions for how to apply, email Marty Pool, Environmental Center s Assistant Coordinator Marty Pool, at mlpool@fortlewis.edu.

Sustainable Event and New Student Orientation – Work with the FLC Environmental Center, New Student Orientation Staff and FLC Marketing & Communications Department to research, design, and develop sustainability guidance materials for Fall 2018 New Student Orientation. Materials include operations guides as well as outreach and engagement plans for new FLC students. Through this position, you will develop an understanding of how to couple operational sustainability (recycling, menu design, procurement, etc.) with outreach & engagement (events, informational materials, etc) to create a lasting ‘culture’ of sustainability here at FLC.

Student Renter Energy Efficiency – Work with the Environmental Center’s Energy Impact team and 4 Corners Office of Resource Efficiency to develop and run an Energy Efficiency program targeting FLC renters. This is your chance to help your fellow students save money and reduce their impact on the climate. The internship position will include coordinating and developing participant recruitment, program material development, outreach, and education.

Residence Hall Move-Out Re-use Rescue – Work with the Environmental Center’s Zero Waste Team to Plan and Coordinate a robust Residence Hall Move-Out program at the end of the Spring 2018 school year. Every year, dumpsters full of perfectly good items go to waste as students leave campus. We would love to bring someone on who is excited to explore ways to expand this program by partnering with local thrift stores, build a revenue-generation model for the program, and/or bring other creative ways to increase the impact of our Move Out.

On Farm Food Loss Survey – Work with the Environmental Center’s Local Food Security Team, Uproot Colorado and other community partners to create and deploy an assessment of on-farm food loss for regional farmers. The information you collect will be used to determine how much wasted food is available for recovery across our community. Findings will be used to scale up and plan for our Crop Mob fruit-tree-gleaning efforts in coming years.

Real Food Challenge Event Coordinator – The Real Food Challenge internship affords you the opportunity to explore the wild world of corporate food procurement? Sound boring? Don’t be fooled – this is a fascinating, complex and high-paced opportunity to dive into the inner workings of corporate sustainability. Our Real Food Challenge intern would assist the team designing and hosting events that educate campus and our community around issues of food justice, food sovereignty, and more.

Aesthetic Activist Artists – The Aesthetic Activists are looking to increase their numbers next semester. We are looking for mixed media artists to help us with campus and community projects that use art to engage a broader audience in environmental and social action. Next semester, we will be tackling a mural project to kick off the year and then working as a team to identify what opportunities on campus and/or in the community excite you to create!

Graphic Designer – This internship position provides you with the opportunity to create graphic materials ranging from marketing materials to campaign support. Projects from our previous interns include partnering with our Aesthetic Activist team to produce a permanent art installation, rebranding the Environmental Center logo and style guide, improving our digital media presence, and coming up with witty schwag. This is a professional-level internship that has a successful track record of leading to local employment in the graphic design field.

Action Reseach for the Environmental Center

The most effective change is that which is properly informed. Each year, the EC generates a list of research opportunities which would support our work immensly. The potential projects cover a wide variety of topics and require a broad range of research approaches. Research undertakings are ideally sponsored by a faculty member who incorporates the work into a course. On occasion, the EC will allow individual students or student teams to take on research for thesis work.

List of Current Research Opportunities

Studying the Environment at Fort Lewis College

Fort Lewis College prides itself on its wide variety of environmental and sustainability learning opportunities. Please visit the following pages for more information on our current programs: