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Plant the Seeds of Change Environmental Leadership Scholarship

Our Plant the Seeds of Change Scholarship provides need-based scholarships for Environmental Center volunteers, thus ensuring that any student who sets out to improve the environmental and social state of our world will have access to the education, training, and support to follow that path. 

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Currently, one-quarter of the Environmental Center’s student staff are not paid for the 6-8 hours of work they provide each week. These students’ contributions are invaluable to our campus and the greater Durango community. Their efforts range from launching campus-wide energy conservation initiatives, to helping local farmers bring in the harvest, to running waste audits for the city, to teaching environmental practices to Durango’s youth. Many of these students choose to volunteer at the EC over paid work opportunities because they have a strong desire to make a positive difference in our world. Unfortunately, for many of these dedicated change-makers, volunteerism is not a long-term option and they are forced to forego experience at the EC in search of paid employment alternatives.

  • A gift of $10 will help fund one-hour of educating 4000 college peers’ on actions they can take to reduce our collective energy consumption by 15%
  • A gift of $70 will fund a week of growing local, organic produce that will feed local underserved populations
  • A gift of $2100 will fund a year’s transformation from a concerned student into an engaged & effective leader in the environmental movement.
2016-2017 EC Student Staff learn the tools for environmental action at our Fall Staff Retreat
“If we can do this, there is no reason that we can’t do something bigger and better. We just learn from this and keep going”. –Logan Loven, Local Food Security Student Team

Please help us build this next generation of environmental leaders by making a tax-exempt donation to our Plant the Seeds of Change Scholarship today.

Click here to learn more about the Plant the Seeds of Change Scholarship fund and how it will directly impact student learning outcomes and campus sustainability.