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Energy Impact

Energy Impact is our newest targeted Initiative. Students, staff, and faculty have all expressed desire to reduce energy use on campus and to shift to renewable energy resources in order to reduce our associated greenhouse gas emission. More specifically, our 2016 AASHE STARS gap analysis pointed towards a need for FLC to reduce energy consumption by 2% each year combined with a shift towards renewable energy sources in order to reduce our carbon reduction targets.

Students working on this initiative will work on performing building energy assessments, energy use competitions, and awareness events. Additionally, the Environmental Center looks to partner with Campus Sustainability Manager and FLC Administration to implement targeted energy reduction policies on campus as well as investigate on-site renewable energy production.

Light-Bulb Swap Out

The EC's Energy Impact team is proud to offer the Light Bulb Swap-Out program for FLC students

Current FLC students can bring their old incandescent light bulbs to the Environmental Center (located in the SUB) to receive a FREE LED replacement! Your participation in this program will not only give you a free light bulb, but will also reduce your energy consumption and save you and FLC money.

Why switch to LED? LED bulbs are 80% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and can last 20x longer. Nor do they contain mercury, unlike CFL bulbs.

Through collective effort, we can influence the energy consumption both on and off campus and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Stop by the EC to learn more about our energy efforts, other EI (Energy Impacts) projects, and how you can get involved!

LED bulbs generously provided by LPEA.

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