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Ecuador 2007

Chimborazo, Ecuador

The community of Chimborazo has an approximate population 572 and is comprised of three contiguous barrios, Milancahuan (297), Cordillera de los Andes (~160) and Santa Marta (115).  In July and August of 2007 a team of students, faculty and community members spent three weeks in Chimborazo constructing a water system for the barrio, Cordillera de los Andes.

The water source for this system is a natural spring. The spring produces an estimated 10 l/s and the community has a water right for 2 l/s. The newly constructed system includes a concrete spring box,  6500 gallon ferrocement storage tank, and 8500 feet of piping. It is designed to serve 61 households with tap lines running to individual outside spigots with water meters. Currently there are 36 existing homes on the system with the remaining 25 in various phases of planning or construction. The 6500 gallon ferrocement storage tank was constructed on a reinforced concrete pad. The cylindrical tank was designed for seismic loads and is 13 ft in diameter with 6.5 feet walls. The roof slopes to an access portal at the top. Ferrocement technology is inexpensive, easy to learn and uses readily available materials. The trade-off is that it is very labor intensive. This is a good example of an appropriate technology for this type of village. The performance of the system will be monitored over the next three years. 
Chimborazo, Ecuador mapLocation of Chimborazo , Ecuador 
A detailed community health assessment was completed for the barrios of Chimborazo .  The goal of the assessment was to identify potential problem areas.   An attempt was made to develop a survey that was culturally appropriate and pertinent to the Quichua people of this area.  Data was collected through a series of interviews with village leaders, community members, teachers, doctors and clinicians. In addition to these task we also completed a water quality study and detailed data collection.. These findings will be used to help guide the scope of future EWB projects.  

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