Pulingui San Pablo and Milancahuan

Our second year in Ecuador consisted of working on water projects in the villages of Pulingui San Pablo and Milancahuan. A team of 13 students, faculty members, and community partners worked in each village. Milancahuan is a barrio of Chimborazo and located immediately adjacent to Cordillera de los Andes where we worked in 2007. Pulingui San Pablo is about 10 kilometers up the road.  Working with the communities we constructed new system components and fixed chronic problems. As usual we laid lots of pipe, constructed a large ferro-cement storage tank, a reinforced concrete pressure break tank, and helped with plumbing of tanks. We also performed detailed inspection and testing of the system that was constructed in 2007. Extensive health assessments, water quality analysis and community meetings were a big part of our work. See the summary of 2007 for the overall project scope and more details. 

Project Report (pdf)