Ban Phakeo, Laos 2008, 2009

The Fort Lewis College implementation team consisted of 9 students, 2 faculty members and 1 community partner divided into four working groups; water system, sanitation, health assessment, and water quality. Each group had a designated student leader and a faculty or community partner providing assistance.  The groups worked throughout the school year on the respective designs and procedures for each component of the project. A comprehensive procedures manual was compiled for use during implementation. The manual includes pertinent design calculations, construction drawings and specifications, water quality testing procedures, a health assessment questionnaire, lists of materials and equipment, cost estimates, a detailed work schedule (Gantt chart) and work assignments for each individual for the duration of the construction phase.  

In addition to the FLC team numerous others participated in the project. This included two interpreters and approximately 15 to 20 villagers.
Project Reports (pdf)