Exercise Science

Exercise Science - K-12 Teaching Option

Did you have a special teacher who inspired you? Do you want to impact students the way that teacher affected you? Is teaching your calling?

Upon successful completion of this option you will be certified by the State of Colorado to teach physical education in public or private schools. You will take classes in both the Exercise Science and Teacher Education Departments and be certified to teach in the elementary, middle or high school.  You will be exposed to ‘practice teaching’ early in your college career to help ensure that this is the right choice for you and that you will be prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation.

The employment outlook for physical education teachers is positive.  The obesity epidemic in the country has brought attention to the need for daily physical education for public school students.

Teacher Education

2015-16 Program requirements
2015-16 Freshmen 4-year map to graduation
2015-16 Transfer (2-year) map to graduation

2014-15 Program requirements
2014-15 Freshman 4-year map to graduation
2014-15 Transfer (2-year) map to graduation

2013-14 Program requirements
2013-14 Freshman 4-year map to graduation
2013-14 Transfer (2-year) map to graduation

2013-14 Freshmen checklist
2012-13 Freshman checklist