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Do you have a knack for Business and a love of Sport?

Sport Administration is a career field that has exploded over the past twenty years.  It still includes athletic directors at the college level as well as general managers of professional teams or directors of community youth sport programs. In addition the business side of sport has blossomed and created need for sport:  agents, scouts, marketers, journalists, media specialists, public relations people, advertisers, facility operators and event specialists. 

The sport industry continues to grow and expand particularly for women’s sport.  In this option you will take courses in the School of Business as well as the Exercise Science Department to achieve the combination of business and sport that is now expected in these fields. According to the U.S. Department of Labor (USDL) Sport Administrator positions will exceed the average growth (8%) in the next ten years and the other positions mentioned above will grow between 13 and 25 % over the same time span.

Exercise Science
Sport Administration Option has field experience requirements:

ES 339: Practicum in Sport Administration
ES 455: Internship in Sport Administration

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