Exercise Science

Exercise Science Physiology Lab

cycling team member in lab The Exercise Physiology Lab is used by the following Exercise Science courses:

• ES 242 - Testing and Statistics
• ES 254 - Adapted Exercise
• ES 265 - Physical Activity and Aging
• ES 335 - Kinesiology and Biomechanics
• ES 340 - Motor Learning and Control
• ES 353 - Nutrition, Fitness and Sport
• ES 360 - Exercise Physiology
• ES 495 - Research Design and Development
• ES 496 - Senior Seminar and Research in Exercise Science

The lab is also used by faculty researchers to further their understanding of Exercise Science and related fields.

The lab includes the following: 8 new computers (Dec 2013), BioImpedance Body Fat Analyzer, Cybex isokinetic dynamometer, Gas Analyzers, Galvanized Skin Response Monitors, Hydrostatic Weighing Tank, Kinestheometer, Lactate Analyzers, Rowing Ergometer, Skeletons, and Treadmills.