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Dr. Robert (Tino) Sonora

Dr. Robert (Tino) Sonora
Professor of Economics


  • Environmental impact of developing economies
  • Intra-national macroeconomics
  • International trade/gravity models
  • Monetary economics and domestic price behavior
  • Open economy macroeconomics
  • Transition economics


  • Ph.D., Economics, The Ohio State University, 1998
  • M.A., Economics, The Ohio State University, 1993
  • M.A., International Economics, The University of Essex, 1991
  • B.A., Economics, Connecticut College, 1987


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Dr. Robert (Tino) Sonora is available to comment on topics related to areas of interest or expertise. If you need further assistance, contact Public Affairs at 970-247-7401 or by email.

About Dr. Robert (Tino) Sonora

Robert (Tino) Sonora is a professor of economics at Fort Lewis College. He joined the college in 2005 after being Assistant Professor of Economics at the University of Texas-Arlington. He has a Ph.D. and M.A. in Economics from The Ohio State University and a M.A. in International Economics from the University of Essex. Since 2011, Dr. Sonora has also served as director of the Office of Business and Economic Research at Fort Lewis, in this capacity he presents at the annual Southwest Business Forum and makes several local business and economics presentations per year. Dr. Sonora is active in the FLC and greater community in the areas of economic development and local research. He is a board member for Region 9 Economic Development District, and a member of the Colorado Business Economic Outlook committee. His publications can be found in the International Economic Review, the Review of Financial Economics, Contemporary Economic Policy, among others. He has been a referee to over 30 journals, including: Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking; The Canadian Journal of Economics; Economic Inquiry; China Economic Review; Journal of International, Money and Finance; Contemporary Economic Policy; Journal of Empirical Finance, and the Journal of Macroeconomics. He is a past reviewer for the National Science Foundation, the Fulbright Senior Specialists program and the Croatian Science Foundation as well as a past Fulbright Scholar (University of Zagreb, Croatia, 2013). He has been a visiting scholar at the University of Zagreb and a visiting professor at the University of Guadalajara in Mexico.

Dr. Sonora was the 2013-14 Featured Scholar at Fort Lewis College. He presents his research at conferences around the world, such as the Western Economic Association Conference, the International Atlantic Economic Conference, and the International Affairs Seminar.

In The Media

Dr. Sonora was interviewed by KSJD about the Fulbright Scholar program and why FLC professors are such a good fit.

Dr. Sonora discussed employment trends and economic impacts for La Plata County job growth attributed to diversification, an article appearing in The Durango Herald on March 16, 2016.


In 2014, Dr. Sonora co-authored Harrod, Balassa, and Samuelson (Re)Visit Eastern Europe, which appeared in Cogent Economics & Finance 2(1).

About the Article

The authors investigated the Harrod-Balassa-Samuelson (HBS) hypothesis in 11 transition countries in central and eastern Europe. The underpinning of the HBS hypothesis is that "differences in the traded/non-traded sectors of economies tend to be persistent and affect movements in local price levels in ways that upset the purchasing power parity balance," (National Bureau of Economic Research). The purpose of the research is to understand real exchange rate differences that impact trade and financial flows.

Dr. Sonora Explains the Project

"My research analyzes the process of transition from Soviet-style command economies to market-based Western countries and the level of macroeconomic integration. Here, we found evidence of a degree of integration between Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary and Poland and Western Europe. When considering the 11 transition countries a block, we find strong evidence of the HBS hypothesis. The results corroborate earlier results we have in two companion papers, and we do find evidence for successful integration. However, we need to account for underlying changes, as many of these economies are undergoing substantial structural institutional, economic and political shifts."

Refereed Publications

"Real Interest Rate Parity in New Europe," (with Josip Tica), Eastern European Economics, 52(1), January-February, 2014, 34 - 54.

"The Role of Tax and Labor Market Policies in Reducing Income Inequality," (with Alka Obadieć and Nika Šimurina), Journal of Economics and Business, 32(1), 2014, 121 - 140.

"Harrod, Balassa and Samuelson (Re)Visit Eastern Europe," (with Josip Tica), Cogent Economics and Finance, 2(1), 2014, 920557.

"All Freedom Is Not Created Equal: Evidence from a Trade Gravity Model," Contemporary Economic Policy, 32(1), 2014, 30 - 41.

"Testing the PPP Hypothesis and Idiosyncrasies in Transition Economies Using Panel Structural Break Unit Root Tests," (with Josip Tica), Czech Journal of Economics and Finance, 60(3), 2010, 213-225.

Academic Presentations

"The effects of tax changes in the EU on reducing income inequality," (with Nika Simurina), Western Economic Association Conference, June, 2015, Honolulu, HI.

"Influence of FDI on Environmental Degradation in Eastern Europe: Evidence from a Dynamic Panel Model," (with Jurica Simurina), International Atlantic Economic Conference, Milan, Italy, March, 2015.

"On the Causal Relationship between Public Debt and GDP Growth Rates in Panel Data Models" and "Public Debt and Economic Growth: Are There Thresholds After All?," (both with Vladamir Arcabic, Junsoo Lee, and Josip Tica), presented at the Department of Economics, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, CO, Seminar series, February, 2015 and the Institute of Public Finance, Zagreb, Croatia, March, 2015

"The Public Debt vs GDP Growth Conundrum: Causality, Nonlinearity, and Original Sin," (with Vladamir Arcabic, Junsoo Lee, and Josip Tica), Western Economic Association Conference, July, 2014, Denver, CO.

"Economic Freedom, Institutions and Economic Performance in Mexican States," Association of Private Enterprise Education Annual Conference, Las Vegas, April 2014.

Pedagogical Publications

Testbank to accompany Macroeconomics 1st; 2nd; and 3rd Editions, Charles I. Jones, W.W. Norton Press, 2008, 2011, 2014

Testbank/on-line testbank to accompany Money, Banking and Financial Markets, 1st and 2nd Editions, Laurence M. Ball, Worth Publishers, 2008, 2011

Completed Papers

"Monetary Policy in a Small Open Transition Economy with a Managed Exchange Rate: Evidence from Croatia," (with Borozan), October, 2015

"On the Causal Relationship between Public Debt and GDP Growth Rates in Panel Data Models," (with Vladamir Arcabic, Junsoo Lee, and Josip Tica), EFZG Working Papers Series 1409, Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb

"Institutions and Economic Performance in Mexican States," MPRA Paper No. 58368, September, 2014

"Inflation Dynamics in European Core and Periphery Countries: Impacts of PPI Pass Through," 2013.

Pedagogical Seminars

"The US, EZ, & SI Macroeconomy: From Rage to Seemingly Everlasting Hangover," Faculty
of Economics, Ljubljana University, Ljubljana, Slovenia, March, 2015

"Pitfalls of Misinterpreting Econometric and Statistical Results," Faculty of Economic & Business, University of Rijeka, Rijeka, Croatia, March, 2015 and Faculty of Economics, University of Zadar, Zadar, Croatia, May, 2015

"Latin America in the Wake of the Financial Crisis," XIV International Affairs Seminar, ETEA, Universidad Loyola Andulucia, Cordoba, Spain, March 12-15, 2013

"Introduction to Gauss," Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia, 2011

"Lectures in Econometrics," Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb, Croatia, June 2008-2009, 2011-2012, 2014