2006-07 Faculty Senate

Senate President
Byron Dare, Political Science (2007) dare_b@fortlewis.edu

Faculty Member of the Board of Trustees
Bridget Irish, Writing Program (2008) Irish_b@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected at Large
Shawn Fullmer, English (2007) fullmer_s@fortlewis.edu
Dennis Lum, Sociology (2007) lum_d@fortlewis.edu
Pam Smith, Mathematics (2009) smith_p@fortlewis.edu
Joe Lounge, Teacher Education (2007) lounge_j@fortlewis.edu
Chuck Yoos, SOBA (2008) yoos_c@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Natural and Behavioral Sciences
Betty Dorr, Psychology (2008) dorr_b@fortlewis.edu
Chuck Riggs, Anthropology (2008) riggs_c@fortlewis.edu
John Condie, Biology (2007) condie_j@fortlewis.edu
Paul Peterson, Exercise Science (2009) peterson_p@fortlewis.edu
Jim Cross, Exercise Science (2009) cross_j@fortlewis.edu
Kim Hannula, Geosciences (2007) hannula_k@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Larry Hartsfield, English (2009) hartsfield_l@fortlewis.edu
Nancy Cardona, English (2007) cardona_n@fortlewis.edu
Peter McCormick, Southwest Studies (2008) mccormick_p@fortlewis.edu
Ellen Paul, History (2009) paul_e@fortlewis.edu
Chad Colby, Art (2008) colby_c@fortlewis.edu
Michael Martin, History (2007) martin_m@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from the School of Business Administration
Suzanne Wilhelm, SOBA (2007) wilhelm_s@fortlewis.edu
Doug Lyon, SOBA, (2009) lyon_d@fortlewis.edu
Stephanie Owings, SOBA (2008) owings_s@fortlewis.edu

Senator Elected from the Library
Minna Sellers, Library (2009) sellers_m@fortlewis.edu

Senator Elected from the Writing Program
Molly Costello, Writing Program (2009) costello_m@fortlewis.edu

Senator Elected from the Teacher Education Program
Gene Taylor, Teacher Education (2008) taylor_g@fortlewis.edu

created 8/31/2007, jmc

Faculty Senate Executive Committee - 2010-2011

Officers of the Senate serve in the position annually, with the exception of the representative to the Board of Trustees, who serves a two year term.
President – Jim Cross, cross_j@fortlewis.edu
Vice President – Betty Dorr, dorr_b@fortlewis.edu
BOT Rep - Chuck Riggs, riggs_c@fortlewis.edu
Chair of Committees – Rick Gore, gore_r@fortlewis.edu
Recording Secretary – Amy Sellin, sellin_a@fortlewis.edu
Corresponding Secretary - John Condie, condie_j@fortlewis.edu