2008-09 Faculty Senate

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(Term ending date in parentheses)

Senate President
Byron Dare, Political Science (2009) dare_b@fortlewis.edu

Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees
Chuck Riggs, Anthropology (2010) riggs_c@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected at Large
Mary Ann Erickson, Exercise Science (2011) erickson_m@fortlewis.edu
Michelle Malach, English (2010) malach_m@fortlewis.edu
Dugald Owen, Philosophy (2010) owen_d@fortlewis.edu
Pam Smith, Mathematics (2009) smith_p@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Natural and Behavioral Sciences
John Condie, Biology (2010) condie_j@fortlewis.edu
Jim Cross, Exercise Science (2009) cross_j@fortlewis.edu
Betty Dorr, Psychology (2011) dorr_b@fortlewis.edu
Ryan Haaland, Physics (2010) haaland_r@fortlewis.edu
Paul Petersen, Exercise Science (2009) petersen_p@fortlewis.edu
Cathy Simbeck, Exercise Science (2011) simbeck_c@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Ginny Davis, Theater (2011) davis_g@fortlewis.edu
Janine Fitzgerald, Sociology (2010) fitzgerald_j@fortlewis.edu
Larry Hartsfield, English (2009) hartsfield_l@fortlewis.edu
Michael Martin, History (2010) martin_m@fortlewis.edu
Ellen Paul, History (2009) paul_e@fortlewis.edu
Amy Sellin, Modern Languages (2011) sellin_a@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Business Administration
Brian Hanks, SOBA (2010) hanks_b@fortlewis.edu
Doug Lyon, SOBA (2009) lyon_d@fortlewis.edu
Rick Gore, SOBA (2011) gore_r@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from General and Exploratory Studies
Brad Benz, Writing Program (2009) benz_b@fortlewis.edu
Leslie Goldstein, Freshman Math (2010) goldstein_l@fortlewis.edu

Senator Elected from the Library
Minna Sellers, Library (2009) sellers_m@fortlewis.edu

Senator Elected from Teacher Education
Gene Taylor, Teacher Education (2011) taylor_g@fortlewis.edu

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Election Schedule

Election of 2 members of Awards Committee– School elections
Call for nominations, September 16.
Nominations close, September 23.
Ballots due, September 30.

Election Faculty Senate Presidential faculty election
Call for nominations, September 24.
Nominations close, October 1.
Ballots due, October 8.

Election of School-Specific Senators
All run simultaneously
Call for nominations, October 22.
Nominations close, October 29.
Ballots due, November 5.

Election of 2 Senators from SONBS
Election of 2 Senators from SOAHSS
Election of 1 Senator from SOBA
Election of 1 Senator from Library
Election of 1 Senator from SOGE

Election of Senator at-large, all faculty election
Call for nominations, November 5.
Nominations close, November 12.
Ballots due, November 19.

Election of Senate Officers
Special meeting of 2009-2010 Senators in spring

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revised 9/21/08, jmc