Faculty Senate 2014/15

Senate President
Dugald Owen (2015) owen_d@fortlewis.edu

Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees
Justin McBrayer (2016) jpmcbrayer@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected at Large
Andrew Gulliford, History (2016) gulliford_a@fortlewis.edu
Ginny Davis, Theatre (2016) davis_d@fortlewis.edu
Beverly Chew (2015) chew_b@fortlewis.edu
Kenny Miller (2015) miller_k@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Natural and Behavioral Sciences
David Blake, Biology (2016) blake_d@fortlewis.edu
Melissa Knight-Maloney, Exercise Science (2015) knightmalo_m@fortlewis.edu
Betty Dorr, Psychology (2017) dorr_b@fortlewis.edu
Mary Ann Erickson, Exercise Science (2016) erickson_m@fortlewis.edu
Kathy Fine-Dare, Anthropology (2015) fine_k@fortlewis.edu
Carrie Meyer, Exercise Science (2016) meyer_c@fortlewis.edu
Laurie Williams, Physics and Engineering (2017) williams_l@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Tony Holmquist, Art and Design (2017) holmquist_a@fortlewis.edu
Ellen Paul, History (2016) paul_e@fortlewis.edu
Michael Fry, History (2015) fry_m@fortlewis.edu
Michael Martin, History (2015) martin_m@fortlewis.edu
Nancy Cardona, English (2016) cardona_n@fortlewis.edu
Erik Juergensmeyer, Writing Program (2016) juergensmeyer_e@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Business Administration
Deborah Walker, SOBA (2015) walker_d@fortlewis.edu
Kaori Takano, SOBA (2016) ktakano@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Full-time, Non-tenure Track Faculty
Sandra Gilpin, Freshman Math Program (2017) gilpin_s@fortlewis.edu
Jennifer Rider, Teacher Education (2016) jrider@fortlewis.edu

Senator Elected from the Library
Astrid Oliver, Library (2015) oliver_a@fortlewis.edu

Senator Elected from Teacher Education
Kris Greer, Teacher Education (2017) greer_k@fortlewis.edu

Agendas, Minutes & Documents


Meeting Minutes:

Minutes 4-22-15

Minutes 4-15-15

Minutes 4-8-15

Minutes 4-1-15

Minutes 3-18-15

Minutes 3-4-15

Minutes 2-18-14

Minutes 2-3-15

Minutes 1-28-15

Minutes 12-17-14

Minutes 12-3-14

Minutes 11-19-14

Minutes 11-5-14

Minutes 10-15-14

Minutes 10-1-14

Minutes 9-17-14

Minutes 9-3-14

Senate Documents:

Standings Graduate degree
Standings Post-Bac degree
Clean IP policy
Declaration of a major
Award of BA degree
Award for certificate
Handbook - Removal of Procedures Committee

Metrics that Matter - Richard Miller
Explanation of Metrics
Removal of Procedures Committee

Provost Evaluation

ASC document regarding academic standing
ASC document regarding academic disqualification
APC Academic credit definition

FH Committee proposal:  student evaluations
Assessment Committee Report

ASC policy and proposal:Undergrad Acad Standing and Options for Reinstatement of Disqualified Students
APC policies:  Intellectual Property and Academic Excuse
FPC policy:  Reassigned time for service


Faculty Research Release Policy
CPC Response to Senate
Handbook Changes

Development of a major policy (revised)
Comments for Dev. of a major
Development of a minor policy (revised)
Intellectual Property Policy
Accessible Instructional Materials
Proposed Structure for Faculty Rep. at BOT

Disenrollment Policy
Increased pages for PAF
AAUP Visiting Faculty
Academic Standing Policy
Section 5 advisory statement

AAUP BOT Senate Resolution
Visiting Faculty Resolution

Presidential Performance Survey
Revised Faculty Release Policy
Revised Academic Program Review
Revised Instructor Authority 

Rigor Policy
APC Academic Review
Instructors Authority and Responsibility
APC Development of a Major
APC Development of a Minor

Liberal Arts Core Timelines
Handbook Term Faculty
Handbook Student Evaluations
Handbook Early Promotion
Handbook Post Tenure Review