Faculty Senate 2018-19

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Senate President
Michael Martin (2019) martin_m@fortlewis.edu
Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees
Gary Gianniny (2020)  Gianniny_g@fortlewis.edu

Senate Executive Committee
Michael Martin - President (2019) martin_m@fortlewis.edu
Michael Valdez - Vice President (2019) mevaldez@fortlewis.edu
Amy Wendland – Committees Officer (2019) Wendland_A@fortlewis.edu
Deborah Walker – Corresponding Secretary (2019) walker_d@fortlewis.edu
Shawn Fullmer – Recording Secretary (2019) Fuller_S@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected at Large (8 total)
Ginny Davis, Theatre (2019) davis_d@fortlewis.edu
Shawn Fullmer, English (2019)  fullmer_s@fortlewis.edu
Amy Wendland, Art (2019) Wendland_A@fortlewis.edu
Ruth Alminas (2021) raalminas@fortlewis.edu
Lee Frazier (2021) frazer_l@fortlewis.edu
Deborah Walker (2021) walker_d@fortlewis.edu
Megan Paciaroni (2021) mepaciaroni@fortlewis.edu
Marc Reed (2021) mareed@fortlewis.edu

Senators from Sciences (3 total)
Callie Cole, Chemistry (2021) ccole@fortlewis.edu
Melissa Knight-Maloney, Exercise Science (2020) knightmalo_m@fortlewis.edu
Carl Lienert, Mathematics (2019) Lienert_C@fortlewis.edu

Senators from Social Sciences (3 total)
Betty Dorr, Psychology (2021) dorr_b@fortlewis.edu
Michael Dichio, Political Science (2020) madichio@fortlewis.edu
Jesse Tune, Anthropology (2021) jwtune@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Arts and Humanities (3 total)
Erik Juergensmeyer, Writing Program (2020) Juergensmeyer_e@fortlewis.edu
Michael Fry, History (2019) Fry_M@fortlewis.edu
Andrew Gulliford, History (2019) Guilford_A@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Business Administration
Lorraine Taylor, SOBA – Management (2021) lltaylor@fortlewis.edu
Michael Valdez, SOBA – Management (2021) mevaldez@fortlewis.edu

Senators Elected from Full-time, Non-tenure Track Faculty
Katherine Smith, Sociology (2021) krsmith4@fortlewis.edu
Michelle Bonanno, English (2021) bonanno_m@fortlewis.edu

Senator Elected from the Library
Astrid Oliver, Library (2021) oliver_a@fortlewis.edu

Senator Elected from Teacher Education
Elizabeth Dorman, Teacher Education (2020) ehdorman@fortlewis.edu