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College Committees

Advisory Committee on Facilities

Description of Activities: In consultation with the Provost and Vice Presidents, the committee will develop, implement and communicate policies and procedures as necessary to achieve the purposes of Policy 5-5, the Facilities Use Policy. In consultation with the affected parties, the Advisory Committee on Facilities will review all i) uses of new facilities, (ii) changes in uses of existing facilities, (iii) changes to existing facilities, including structural and equipment changes. The committee will make recommendations as requested. The Provost makes all decisions on the use of college facilities. The Advisory Committee on Facilities is chaired by the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs. Members are appointed by the Vice President of their area. It has one representative from each of the following departments: Conference Services, Information Technology, Physical Plant Services, Records, and Facilities Scheduling.


  • Ken Pepion, Chair, AVPAA
  • Hilary Brenneman, Conference Services
  • Olivia Burkhart, Records Office
  • Marc Huber, Physical Plant
  • Amber Neumann, Facilities Scheduling
  • Brian Foster, Information Technology

Athletics Committee

Description of Activities: This Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to the President, Director of Athletics and other administrative offices as may be appropriate in specific instances. It shall concern itself with the athletic policies which affect the College's intercollegiate athletics or sports. It shall maintain and review policies as are necessary to promote good public relations and aid in the planning, scheduling, and necessary control of the intercollegiate athletic program. The Director of Athletics is responsible for providing the necessary information and data to the Committee for its work. The chair of this Committee is appointed by the President.


  • Steve Stovall, Chair (Marketing)
  • Lynne Andrew (Athletics)
  • David Blake (Biology)
  • Paul Booth (Art & Design)
  • Jim Cross (Exercise Science)
  • Steven Fenster (Biology)
  • Gary Hunter (Athletics)
  • Peggy Sharp (Board of Trustees)

Faculty Development Grants Committee - Research and Scholarship

Description of Activities: Develop guidelines for faculty grant proposals; review proposals and vote as a committee to support qualified scholarly/pedagogical activities. Funding priorities will be recommended to the Provost.


  • Ryan N. Smith, Chair (Physics & Engineering)
  • Susan Kraus (Psychology)
  • Rob Milofsky (Chemistry)
  • Tino Sonora (Economics)
  • Brent Williams (Music)
  • Paul Booth, ex officio (Art & Design)

Faculty Development Grants Committee - Teaching Innovation, Pedagogy, and Assessment

Description of Activities: Develop guidelines for faculty grant proposals; review proposals and vote as a committee to award worthy activities. Funding priorities will be recommended to the Provost.


  • Paul Booth, Chair (Art)
  • Chiara Cannella (Teacher Education)
  • Bill Collins (Chemistry)
  • Michael Fry (History)
  • Steve Stovall (Marketing)
  • Ryan Smith, ex officio (Physics/Engineering)

Health & Safety Group

Description of Activities: The group will align itself with the College’s strategic plan by identifying, evaluating and implementing safety culture enhancements that will best serve the College, faculty, staff and our students.


  • Terry Richardson, Chair (Environmental Health & Safety)
  • Mitch Davis (Public Relations)
  • Bill Donelan (Environmental Health & Safety)
  • Roy Garcia (Physical Plant)
  • Doug Ewing (Student Life Center)
  • Andrea Kirkpatrick (Geosciences)
  • Joel Kirkpatrick (Music)
  • Darren Mathews (Human Resources)
  • Matt McGlamery (Information Technology)
  • Steve Schwartz (Finance & Administration)
  • Chelle Schneider (Housing & Conference Services)
  • Arnold Trujillo (Police)

Institutional Review Board

Description of Activities: The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is an administrative body established by the College to implement the Code of Federal Regulations established by the Office of Health and Human Services which provides guidance to ensure that human subjects are protected according to federal (Health and Human Services) guidelines. The IRB works with principal investigators from college departments that do human subject research to ensure that they understand, and are in compliance with regulations regarding protections. The IRB reviews applications for human subject research needed to meet federal requirements regarding the use of human subjects in research. The IRB is also responsible for maintaining IRB application records and documentation on all project applications. The IRB notifies applicants of the disposition of their research proposals in a timely manner.

Membership: Law requires that all Institutional Review Boards have at least five members. Law also requires that each IRB must include both males and females, people from varying cultural backgrounds, people from varying professions, at least one member whose primary concerns are scientific, at least one member whose primary concerns are nonscientific, and at least one member who is not affiliated with the institution. The Fort Lewis College IRB has a self-imposed goal of having a representative from each of the departments that conduct human subject research. All members of the Board are required to take a two-hour online tutorial to help them understand the laws governing the Committee.

Faculty Members

  • Sarah Roberts-Cady, Chair (Political Science/Philosophy)
  • Shere Byrd (Biology)
  • Becky Clausen (Sociology)
  • Beth Dorman (Teacher Education)
  • Kathy Fine-Dare (Anthropology)
  • Kay Holmes (Native American & Indigenous Studies)
  • Emily Houghton (Exercise Science)
  • Melissa Knight-Maloney (Exercise Science)
  • David Kozak (Anthropology)
  • Sue Kraus (Psychology)
  • Ava Santos (Psychology
  • Melissa Thompson (Exercise Science)

Public Members

  • Kip Boyd, MD, Hospital Administrator
  • Dick Mason, FLC Professional Associate

Non-Scientific Member

  • Eric Prosser, John F. Reed Library, Fort Lewis College

Professional Development Council

The Council provides professional development workshops for all employees and mentoring for new employees. It is coordinated by the Office of Human Resources and volunteer staff members. The Council's membership represents approximately 36 departments across campus. For more information please visit the PDC website.

Liaison:  Darren Mathews

  • Marya Corrigan, Program Director - TRiO Upward Bound
  • Jill Kolodzne, Career Services Coordinator
  • Deb Moses, Academic Assistant - Chemistry & Biochemistry
  • Lindsay Noisom, Administrative Assistant – First Year Programs
  • Valeria Skarbek, Electronic Resources Librarian

Student Publications Committee

Description of Activities: This Committee operates under the authority of the President and is responsible for advising the Vice President for Student Affairs and the President on matters related to student publications. The Committee shall concern itself with making broad publication policies and is expected to give assurance of quality in student publications. It will operate according to the by-laws adopted 12/9/98, available in the Leadership Center office (CUB 112) . The chair is appointed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.


  • Advisor, The Independent
  • Advisor, Images
  • Advisor, KDUR
  • 1 Student Affairs staff member
  • 1 External Affairs staff member
  • Editor-in-Chief, The Independent


  • Faron Scott, Chair and Advisor-The Independent (English)
  • Mitch Davis, External Affairs staff (Public Relations)
  • Shawn Fullmer, Advisor-Images (English)
  • Bryant Liggett, Advisor (KDUR)
  • Mark Mastalski, Student Affairs staff (Leadership Center)
  • Lindsay Nyquist (Marketing and Communications)
  • Luke Perkins, Editor-in-Chief, The Independent

Tuition Appeals Committee

Description of Activities: The Committee meets as needed to hear student appeals of tuition classification.


  • Wayne Hermes, Chair (Purchasing)
  • Rena Cole (Purchasing)
  • Beth Emrich (Controller’s Office)
  • Theresa Rodriguez (Interim Registrar)
  • TBD (Admission & Advising)

Work-Life Wellness Committee

Description of Activities: The mission of the Wellness Committee is to inspire, motivate, and validate the well-being and morale of the whole self within the Fort Lewis College community. The committee serves as an advocate and advisory group for work-life policies and programs, including those which support a healthy balance between work and family.
For more information on the Wellness Committee and its programs, click this link: http://www.fortlewis.edu/wellness/Home.aspx

Faculty Members:

  • Leslie Blood, Co-chair (English)
  • Katherine Jetter, Co-chair (Music)
  • Jane Cobb (Health Center)
  • Jeff Dupont (Recreational Services)
  • Marc Goldfarb (Student Affairs)
  • Julie Korb (Biology)
  • Lindsay Nyquist (Marketing & Communications)
  • Kendra Reichle (Student Wellness)
  • Sarah Roberts-Cady (Political Science/Philosophy)
  • Katie Sparks (TRiO)