Request for Reconsideration of Merit Award

If you have submitted new test scores or transcripts that now qualify you for a tuition merit award or a higher tuition merit award, please complete the following form. The results of your request will be emailed to your Fort Lewis College email.

Requests will not be processed until official test scores/transcripts have been received and processed by the Admissions Office. Requests submitted after the deadlines will not be considered. Submission of this form does not constitute approval of your request. Click here to view the terms and conditions related to your merit award.

Deadline Who Can Appeal Term Merit Award Would be Adjusted

September 17, 2019

  • First time incoming students who are starting Fall 2019
Fall 2019
January 28, 2020
  • First time incoming students who started in Fall 2019, but missed Fall deadline.
  • First time incoming students who are starting in Spring 2020.
Spring 2020

  • Documentation: Please indicate what documentation you have already submitted to the Admissions Office that now qualifies you for the change you are asking us to consider.